What is social childcare?


As a social, not-for-profit childcare organisation, we continuously invest in stable operations and high quality. Well educated and satisfied staff, fresh and safe child centres, good outside spaces, plenty of materials and extensive and development-oriented activities. As a not-for-profit organisation, we don’t make a profit. All of our earnings go back into our organisation.

We feel that every child has a right to childcare. That’s why we can also be found in areas where childcare may not be viable financially, but is very much needed. We also offer childcare for children who need extra (medical) care. We do this together with Kombino. This way we offer a good start to as many children as possible.

Additionally, we’re happy to contribute to the society and world that children grow up in. This is why we can regularly be found at events which add to the joy and development of children, we have sustainable ambitions and we stimulate a healthy lifestyle.

The role of social childcare

Stimulate development

Childcare plays a crucial role in the development of children. In the first years of their lives, children’s brains develop incredibly quickly. Our pedagogical staff know this and can use this to the children’s best advantage.


We like working together with all sorts of people and organisations around the child and in the neighbourhood. This is even more important when a child needs specific help or care. Our cooperation with primary schools is becoming continuously stronger and is important to offer an ongoing line of development.

We also work together with the municipalities (gemeente), care homes, petting zoos and many other companies and organisations. Together we start projects and organise events to increase children’s chances, as well as their development and health.

Childcare as a basic provision

Childcare can mean a lot to a child. Therefore, we feel that childcare should become a basic provision. Just like education is. We think a child should be allowed to come to childcare a few days (or parts of days) a week; regardless of whether or not the parents work.

Sector organisation social childcare

2Samen Lid Branchevereniging Maatschappelijke Kinderopvang

We’re affiliated with the Branchevereniging Maatschappelijke Kinderopvang (BMK, sector organisation for social childcare). Together with other social childcare organisations, we work on strengthening our quality and renewing our services. With one strong social voice towards politics.

Pressing letter politics

On 7 July, directors of childcare have sent a pressing letter to the Minister of Social Affairs and Employment (in Dutch). De pressing letter is a cry for help from our sector. In the letter, we offer solutions for the situation due to our staff shortages. For the short term, as well as the long term.

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Campaign playschool

2Samen is working together with the Municipality of The Hague on a campaign for playschools (in Dutch). The hope is that more toddlers will use the (free) options to go to a playschool. This will give them a better start in primary school.

Ukrainian school

Together with primary school De Vuurvlinder and JongLeren, we worked together to organise education and childcare for Ukrainian children. Within four weeks, we found a school space and created a team of Ukrainian and Dutch teachers and pedagogical staff.

More examples

Our yearly report has many more examples of our social projects. It’s available to read here (in Dutch only).