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16 March 2020

Update Corona virus

Until April 6, 2Samen will only provide childcare for parents in so-called crucial professions to keep society running during the COVID-19 outbreak. This is an obligation from the Dutch government. Parents who play an indispensable function for one of these crucial professional groups can also appeal to our services. Our childcare is closed to everyone else. Read more

3 March 2020

Raising money for charity

During our 75th anniversary year, we had the help of children and parents to raise a wonderful amount of €12.294,- for the Ronald McDonald Children's Fund. On Thursday 25th February, children of 2Acrobaten presented the Ronald McDonald House in The Hague with a cheque, in name of all of our locations. This house celebrated its 20th birthday last October, ... Read more

21 February 2020

Honouring our sweet staff

With this video, we thank our staff for 75 years of love, care and attention for all of our children. And for the feeling of ‘home’ that they create every day. They lay the foundations for the first steps into the big wide world. Read more

11 February 2020

No lead pipes

The Municipal Health Services (GGD) in Haaglanden requested all childcare organisations to check if they have lead pipes in any of the childcare centres based in old buildings. Read more

23 January 2020

National Reading to Children Days 2020

The National Reading to Children Days were, once again, a great success for our toddlers. For the traditional 'Reading to Breakfast' we received several prominent readers. Together, we pay attention to the importance of reading to children in order to stimulate their (linguistic) development. Below, we highlight several of our wonderful guests! Read more