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Toddler care

Toddlers are very welcome at our toddler care locations in The Hague, Monster and Naaldwijk (location pages are in Dutch). At most toddler care locations, we welcome children aged 2.5 to 4 years old. At some locations, toddlers are welcome from 2 years old. The children have their own toddler group for a few mornings of afternoons a week. In a playful manner, your child will learn what it's like to function within a group and play and share together. For more information about toddler care at 2Samen, please read the toggles below.
Toddler care: so much to see and discover
When your child is two-and-a-half years old, it’s eager to continue exploring the world. There’s so much to see and discover! In our toddler care (preschool/playgroup), your child gets the opportunity to broaden their world and experience new things. It’s also, just like our day nurseries, a good preparation for primary school. In a playful manner, your child learns what it’s like to function in a group, playing and sharing together. In our toddler care, we couple many of our activities to themes. Think of arts and crafts, reading, songs and dances. This way, we stimulate a broad development.

Getting to know our childcare centres free of obligation

We understand that nothing in life is more precious to you than your child. Of course you want to see with your own eyes how and where we will be taking care of your son or daughter. That’s why you’re always welcome in our centres for a chat and an extensive tour. There, you can get to know the staff and get a feel for the location. After all, choosing childcare is mostly based on a good feeling.

Schedule an appointment with the childcare centre of your choice. 2Samen provides childcare for toddlers in The Hague, Naaldwijk and Monster. Discover which of our toddler care centres are near you. 

Group size and opening times

Our toddler care groups have a maximum of 16 toddlers between 2,5 and 4 years old. 2Samen has multiple centres for toddler care (preschool) in The Hague and Westland. Most of them are opened between 8.45 and 11.45 am. However, these times vary per centre. For specific opening times, please look at the centre of your choice. Toddler care is closed during public holidays, school holidays and days on which school is closed.

Toddlers that are placed in the early childhood education and care (VE) programmes, come to toddler care 4 half-days a week and are at least 2,5 years old. These are stipulations set by the municipality. At a regular toddler care centre, you can choose one or more half-days for your child. We do advise at least 2 half-days a week. This allows your child to get familiar with the centre and feel at home more quickly.

Early Childhood Education and Care (Voorschoolse Educatie VE)
For children that risk a (Dutch) language or education disadvantage, several of our toddler care centres work with a recognised national programme for Early Childhood Education and Care, called ‘Voorschoolse Educatie (VE)’. This programme is subsidised by the Municipality.
Childcare benefit from the government
It is important that all children start discovering and learning early in life. That's why parents in The Netherlands may be eligible for benefits from the Dutch (local) government.

Childcare benefit

Most parents are entitled to a childcare benefit from the national government Tax and Customs Administation. To be eligible, you have to be employed or receive a payment from the Implementing Body Employee Insurance Scheme (Uitvoeringsorgaan Werknemersverzekeringen, UWV) or the municipality. These childcare benefits depend on your level of income. The higher your income, the lower the allowance you will receive.

On the website of the Tax and Customs Administration, you can do a trial calculation to see whether or not you are eligible for an allowance and if so, how much you may receive. You can also use the website to apply for your definitive childcare benefit, or call the Tax and Customers Administration helpline at 0800-0543.

Playgroup care allowance from the municipality

Parents who are not eligible for the childcare benefit from the national government, because they do not work or study, can apply for a contribution from the municipality via 2Samen. We call this allowance the GPT (Gemeentelijke Peuteropvang Toeslag), the Municipal Playgroup Allowance. The municipality contributes to 320 hours of playgroup care per year. This amounts to 8 hours per week (2 x 4 hours), for a period of 40 weeks.

To be eligible for the GPT, parents have to submit an income statement to us, on the basis of which we will determine the income-related contribution. This income statement can be downloaded from In addition, you have to declare that you have no entitlement to a childcare benefit from the national government.

Please note: this allowance is meant only for “play groupers” from 2,5 to 4 years old.


Children of families with an Ooievaarspas can make free use of playgroup care.

Supplementary entitlement for ECEC “play groupers”

Children with a (risk of) language or education disadvantage, can find extra benefit in a playgroup facility. Therefore, this group is allowed to make extra use of a facility with an ECEC (Early Childhood Education and Care) quality on an annual basis. For children with an ECEC indication, determined by the Centre for Children and Families (Centrum Jeugd en Gezin/CJG), the municipality will contribute to 480 hours of playgroup care per year, in a playgroup with ECEC quality. This amounts to 12 hours a week (4 x 3 hours), for a period of 40 weeks per year.

Please note: this allowance is meant only for “play groupers” from 2,5 to 4 years old.