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4 July 2023

Wooden fire engine and picture books for the children’s hospital

The wooden fire engine made for ‘Heel Den Haag Leest’ (All of The Hague Reads) was enthusiastically received by the Juliana Children’s Hospital in The Hague.

2Samen is proud partner of the reading initiative ‘Heel Den Haag Leest’. Together, we work towards promoting reading and, most importantly, how much fun it is to read. Of course, we already do this at our locations every day. But yesterday, we took it to the Juliana Children’s Hospital. The toddlers from 2Olifanten lovingly shared our very own picture book for children between two and seven years old. The title “Wie blaast de wortels uit” (Who will blow out the carrots) promises a story that will put a smile on the children’s (and adults’!) faces.