harvesting tomatoes at daycare 2eekhoorns in Needle District

Grow and discover together

In the heart of the Westland, Childcare 2Samen offers daycare (crèche) and after-school care for children in Naaldwijk.

Daycare centers in Naaldwijk

Daycare centers (crèches) are available for the little ones from 0 to 4 years old. Good interaction skills, such as stimulating the development of children, are the core of our pedagogical actions. We have been doing this from baby age in excellent baby care. Optimal development opportunities are central here. Our daycare centers in Naaldwijk are 2Eekhoorns en 2Pinguïns.

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children play with water at daycare center 2eekhoorns in Needle District
make a fire at out-of-school care 2flamingo's in Needle District

After-school care (BSO) in Naaldwijk

Experience great activities together and discover new things. Together with the pedagogical staff and the other children from the group, children spend each (afternoon) day as desired. Out-of-school care includes before-school care, after-school care, after-school care and holiday care. Our BSOs in Naaldwijk are 2Flamingo's en 2Pinguïns.

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Toddler care in Naaldwijk

In our toddler care we welcome toddlers from 2,5 to 4 years old, and at a number of locations your toddler can go from the age of 2. The children are received a number of mornings or afternoons a week in their own toddler group. Your child playfully learns what it is like to function in a group and to play and share together.

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children on bicycles at out-of-school care 2Pinguins in Woerdblok Naaldwijk
employee reads to children at daycare 2eekhoorns in Needle District

Preschool Education in Naaldwijk

VE is also called preschool and is a great opportunity for children. Just like daycare (link) and regular toddler care (link), VE makes the step to primary education easier. With the great advantage that we focus even more on eliminating backlogs. For example, by playfully learning Dutch words and practicing with numbers.

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