Educational quality

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Educational quality

When you choose a childcare organisation, you undoubtedly want everything 'behind the scenes' to be well taken care of. With 2Samen, you can always count on the fact that we adhere to all laws and regulations. Our policies and the way we work is put down in writing. This is why you get 2Samen quality at every 2Samen location.
Demonstrable quality
Our educational policy forms the primary principal for the procedure at all of our childcare centres. It provides the direction for the way our staff approach the children, how they guide them and stimulate their development. It also provides the direction for the character of our centres' inside and outside spaces.

Employment of educational and out of school care coaches

Our own educationalists and out of school care coaches ensure our educational quality as well as train and guide our staff members in daily practice.

Proven quality

Our educational staff members are continually given further training by coaching in practice and an (online) offer of courses in the field of the latest educational perception. Additionally, they also do courses addressing First Aid for children, reading stories, numeracy and mathematics for toddlers and involvement in playing and children’s development.

All of our locations offer 2Samen quality

The educational policy allows all of our locations to clearly be a part of Kinderopvang 2Samen, without losing their unique characteristics or the specific wishes of parents. Would you like to know more about our views on childcare? Please contact your childcare centre with any questions.

Nutritional policy
Healthy nutrition is an integral part of a child's development. We think this is very important. That's why we make sure our daily menus are healthy and diverse. Our menus have been put together with help of The Netherlands Nutrition Centre and an external dietician.

Our nutritional policy

  • A full and healthy diet, with enough products that have a good effect on children’s health (according to the guidelines for good food)
  • Mostly products from the ‘Wheel of Five’ of balanced foods
  • Enough energy and essential nutrients
  • Enough fibre and not too much salt, sugar, saturated fats, trans fats  or other products with a (possible) unhealthy effect
  • Options for exceptions, such as special occasions and activities
  • Plenty of choices for the children

Allergies and individual agreements

If your child needs special food (because of for example religion, allergies, etc.), please let us know during your introductory interview. Of course, we’ll gladly make sure to adhere to these agreements.

Eating rhythm

For babies, we keep their individual eating rhythm. When the children get older, we eat at set times, together at the table. We think it is important that children think of these food breaks as a social and pleasant part of their day.

Placement policy
We strive to offer your child a fitting place at the 2Samen childcare centre of your choice, with the requested starting date and days. In order to divide the places in an honest manner, we have a placement policy. This policy encourages a balanced group composition when it comes to ages and continuity.

Minimum purchase

We advise parents to purchase childcare for at least two days a week. There are several educational reasons for this advice:

Full daycare in a day nursery

For children aged 0 to 4, it’s important that they can get used to the other children, the agreements of the group and the staff members. Only then do they feel at home and is there room to discover. Scientific research, as well as our own experiences, shows that children that come to day nursery only one day a week, have more trouble finding their way and feeling at home. If parents do choose daycare for one day only, that’s possibly only if the child can adapt well to this situation.

Playgroup or preschool for toddlers

Because children in preschool/playgroup only attend a few hours a day, we don’t deviate from our minimum of two days for these children. This makes it much easier and a lot more fun for the children. It allows the children and the staff members to really get to know each other.

Out of school care

Things are a little different for schoolchildren. They have a broader network and have more experience adapting to new situations. For our out of school care it is sometimes possible to purchase only one day of childcare. We do set a maximum of children that attend a single day a week. Please ask the childcare centre of your choice about the possibilities.

In line with our policy regarding the advised minimum purchase of two days per child per week, children that attend care multiple days a week have a placement priority.

Placement at multiple locations

From an educational point of view, we strongly discourage parents to place their child(ren) at multiple locations. Such requests are handled with care.


In The Netherlands, vaccinations against certain diseases are given in four steps. The National Institute for Public Health and Environment (RIVM, Rijksinstituut voor Volksgezondheid en Milieu) notes that it is essential that children complete the vaccination cycle as scheduled. If your child had not been vaccinated as scheduded, please seek medical advice to ensure your child receives adequate protection.

You may find the Dutch vaccination schedule in English on the RIVM website.

Unvaccinated children

In order to guarantee group immunity as much as possible, we place a maximum of one unvaccinated baby per child centre, and never more than 5%. We base this policy on the advice of the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM).

Special care

It could be the case that your child needs special care, for example due to behavioural issues, a handicap or a delayed development. If this is known in advance, it’s important that you let us know when you apply for childcare at 2Samen. This way, we can decide whether or not it is possible to place your child and how this would work. We will do everything in our power to offer your child the care it needs.

At our location 2Zonnebloemen, we take care of children with special needs. Through Kombino, there is an extra member of staff available every day, as well as a nurse for extra care and support. If we cannot realise the care of your child within the possibilities of 2Samen, we will help you in finding the best alternative options for childcare.

House rules
The 'General Conditions for Childcare' of the Trade Association for Social Childcare (Branchevereniging Maatschappelijke Kinderopvang) and our house rules are applicable to all placements at 2Samen. You receive these documents when you become a customer. You can also download them below.

Would you like to swap a day? You can also download our swapping policy below.

House rules General Conditions Childcare (Dutch) Rules swapping policy
Closure and scheduled school days off
All of our childcare centres are opened throughout the year, with the exception of national holidays. In our house rules you will find the days on which our centres are closed. You can always find these dates on the relevant poster at our childcare centres. You may also download it below.

Separate school days off / scheduled days off

Primary schools also have scheduled days off. These are extra days off, outside of the regular school holidays and national holidays. 2Samen’s out of school care offers care on these days, on the condition that at least five children need care. If it’s possible, we will merge out of school care centres within the area, to get to this amount of five children. This minimum of five children is not required on regular holidays.

Would you like to know more? In the summary of our ‘scheduled days off protocol’ below, you’ll find everything on childcare on days your child’s school schedules off (in Dutch).

Roostervrijedagen protocol Closing days and holidays 2023