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Out of school care

Experiencing the best activities together and discovering new things: that's what happens at our out of school care. Kinderopvang 2Samen offers children plenty of opportunities for their own ideas and input. Together with our staff and each other, the children choose what they want to do each day or afternoon. Our out of school care consists of before school care, after school care, lunch break care and holiday care. Read more about the possibilities below.
After school care and holiday care
Out of school care (or after school care) and holiday care is so much more than filling time after school. First of all, we see out of school time as free time. This means children in our out of school programmes can and are allowed to relax. We give each child the secure basis it needs, with permanent staff your child can always count on. We also make sure that there is a good balance between free playing and a wide variety of great activities, in which your child can learn and discover new things.

Extensive out of school care activities for all ages

Together with the children, we decide what activities to take part in. In addition to the regular activities at our out of school care locations, we also have our very own activities department: KICKS. On a regular basis, children may choose what they want to do from a wide variety of activities. KICKS will then arrange these, using internal as well as external teachers. Think of music, dance, art, nature, sports, technical workshops and so much more! At 2Samen, children experience great days and afternoons filled with challenging games, workshops, holiday programmes such as survival days and even our very own summer camp. We offer plenty of options to children of any age. And even better, these activities are included in our rates. You won’t be unpleasantly surprised by an extra invoice. For an impression of the many activities KICKS organises, please have a look at KICKS (in Dutch)

Plenty of trips outside

Where possible, we build natural gardens or play parks with natural elements. The children that attend our after school care go outside as often as they can. We also take regular trips with our electric wagons (called Stints). These allow us to quickly and safely take the children to the forest, park, beach or the museum.

Grow together

At Kinderopvang 2Samen we devote full attention to children’s growing need for more independence. Our after school teachers are specially trained and educated to guide 4 to 13 year old children in this matter. Other than that, we also focus on the big part that social interaction plays. By doing activities together, children learn how to resolve conflicts between themselves and how to work together constructively. Our staff give the children the space to do so, while still keeping a close eye on the activities. At our out of school care, the children are most often separated in a group of younger children (4 to 8 years old) and older children (8 years and up).

Out of school care 2Wombats for students of Lycée français

Childcare 2Wombats is for students of Lycée français Vincent van Gogh. More information about 2Wombats

KICKS zorgt voor geweldige dagen bomvol uitdagende activiteiten en zelfs een zomerkamp voor kinderen van de naschoolse opvang van Kinderopvang 2Samen.

Take the first step now. Schedule an appointment with childcare centre of your choice. 2Samen provides out of school care in The Hague, Naaldwijk and Monster. Discover which childcare centres are near you.

Before school care
We provide before school care for an increasing number of schools. It’s a great solution when you have to deal with early work hours or traffic queues in the mornings. We offer your child a nice, restful and easy start before a busy school day.

At our before school care locations, your child is welcome from 7.30 am. Our staff will make sure your son or daughter gets to school on time.

Extra early opening times

Some of our locations open extra early, at 7.00 am. Are you interested in extra earlier opening times at your child’s childcare centre? Please contact our Planning & Advice department. Our staff is available daily between 8.30 and 17.00. You can reach them by phone at +31 (0)70-3385500 (option 1) or by email at planning@2samen.nl.

A growing number of locations offer extended opening times in the afternoon as well. You’ll find more information on the pages of the specific centres.

Care during lunch break and the Lunch Café
In cooperation with several primary schools in The Hague and Monster, we launched the ‘Broodje Samen’ (sandwich together) foundation. This foundation provides lunch break care in schools on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. The children take their own food and drink. The staff of Broodje Samen, mostly volunteers, take care of the children during their break.

Lunch break care ‘Broodje Samen’

Lunch break care is offered by ‘Broodje Samen’ at the following primary schools:

  • A.M.G. Schmidtschool (Hoornbeekstraat) together with 2Vikingen
  • A.M.G. Schmidtschool (J.de Graefflaan) together with 2Zeerovers
  • Ds. W.E. Den Hertogschool together with 2Dolfijnen
  • Ds. D.J. Karresschool together with 2Torentjes
  • P.C. Leyenburgschool together with 2Burchten
  • Koos Meindertsschool together with 2Bevers

If 2Samen provides lunch break care at your school, you can sign up by filling in the application form below. You can also find these forms with your child’s primary school’s administration office. After applying, we will send you a placement contract.

Extra days and a stamp card

It’s always possible to occasionally purchase an extra day of lunch break care. This extra day will be invoiced later. You can sort this out with the lunch break care coordinator. If you would like your child to only occasionally use the lunch break care option, you can request a stamp card. The coordinator will also have these available.

You can find the monthly rates below. The month which has the most school holiday weeks will not be charged. If you use a stamp card for occasional lunch break care, you pay € 3.05 per use. This means a contract is cheaper.

The Lunch Café

At 2Burchten, 2Otters and 2Schuiten, we offer lunch break care at the so called Lunch Café. At the Lunch Café, children come to the child centre in their lunch break. There, they can eat and enjoy their lunch together with other children. This allows them to be away from the school environment for a little while and prepare for the afternoon. Our staff take care of the food and ensure the children eat a diverse and healthy lunch.

In order to use the Lunch Cafe, you agree to a contract with Kinderopvang 2Samen. You can do that by filling in the application form below. After applying, you receive a confirmation. If there is a space available, you will receive a placement contract. The month which has the most school holiday weeks will not be charged.

The Lunch Cafés are available throughout the school year. Each school year, we revise whether or not there is enough interest to continue.

Our packages: plenty of possibilities for everyone
Whichever type of childcare you need, you can rest assured that everyone at Kinderopvang 2Samen will do anything possible to make sure your child feels at home with us. Our centres offer a safe and secure environment, from which your child can explore the world around them. Always under the loving and professional guidance of our staff.

Different types of packages possible

In our daycare, as well as our out of school care, you can choose between a variety of packages with a different number of weeks in which you need childcare. You may also indicate whether or not you’d like to use (separate) holiday care. In that case, you only pay for the childcare you need. For our out of school care, we offer the following packages:

  • Out of school care (bso) 52-weeks-package (after school care + care during school holidays)
  • Out of school care (bso) 46-weeks-package (after school care + 6 weeks of care during school holidays) *
  • Out of school care (bso) 40-weeks-package (after school care, excluding holiday care) *
  • School holiday care for 1 to 12 weeks a year, depending on your need.
Arrangement for 46-weeks and 6-holiday-weeks-package

Opening times and extended hours

Opening times can vary a little per centre, depending on the region and the parents’ wishes. All of our centres are opened at least between 7.30 and 18.00. For all of our locations, daycare and out of school care, it is possible to request extended opening from 7.00 and/or until 18.30. With enough interest, we will try our hardest to arrange these extended hours. Some of our locations already offer extended opening hours.

Children help decide at 2Samen!
2Samen thinks it's important to include children in decisions that directly involve them. Because of children's participation and helping execute the decisions, children influence the daily practice at our out of school care (bso) centres. This means our offer of activities connects to what the children want, they are more involved, more enthusiastic and more inclined to keep to the agreements.

Children’s participation

At 2Samen, children’s participation is one of the focal points of our policies and practical ways of working. Our staff make sure to listen and work with the initiatives, ideas and opinions of all children in our after school centres. From the smallest schoolchildren to teens.

Children’s participation is important for their social and personal development. Children learn how to form their own opinions, how to verbalise them and how to provide arguments for them. They learn to listen to others, negotiate and compromise. When children experience that they can exert influence and that they are being listened to, they develop a positive self image. And because the children work together on their own environment, their involvement with the group increases. Children play with toys more enthusiastically, participate with activities better and better keep to the agreements they have helped think of.

Activity planning

Far in advance, our staff involve children in the planning of activities, in order to connect these to their wishes as much as possible. They give children space to think of ideas and questions themselves, as well as think of solutions for these. This could mean that the activity programme is quickly adjusted and changed, due to the influence of the children. An example of this is doing an outside activity, because it is unexpectedly nice weather. Or if the children would like to do something different to what was actually planned for that day. We always take their opinions and wishes seriously and see if it is possible to change the schedule if necessary.

Bij 2Samen vinden we
kinderparticipatie heel belangrijk.
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