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Kinderopvang 2Samen

Are you looking for a day nursery/day care, after school care or toddler care/preschool in Den Haag, Monster or Naaldwijk? At 2Samen, we make sure that childcare is a truly valuable experience for your child. Our centres offer a safe and secure environment, from which your child can explore the world around them. Always under the loving and professional guidance of our staff. We also offer childcare near you!
About 2Samen

What makes us special?

  • Continuous quality investment
  • All staff is qualified and receive regular additional training
  • Varied activities with music, (toddler) dance and trips
  • Challenging after school activities and summer camp with KICKS
  • All-in rates
  • Special focus on sustainability



“We offer children a good foundation for their future.
The children’s world = our world.”

Our vision

We’ve summarised our vision on how we offer this foundation as follows:

Children are born with their own temperament, qualities and talents. They’re curious, adventurous, headstrong and sensitive. They imitate and want to be part of something. In all sorts of ways, children show us what they need. We respond to that. And provide them with a rich and loving environment, which invites children to play and discover the world.

Every child is unique. At 2Samen, your son or daughter is offered all the space they need to be themselves. At the centre of everything we do, is respect for everyone’s individuality. This is why children feel so at home at 2Samen. From this secure basis, we help children develop themselves. We help them conquer the big wide world, step by step. 2Samen is partially responsible for this upbringing. Children are our most precious assets, they are the future.

2Samen. At home with childcare.

Together with you

2Samen strives to regularly speak with all of its parents. We think it’s important to consult with you about what your child needs. But we also appreciate your opinion on the way your child’s childcare centre is run. You can always speak to the centre’s location coordinator with any ideas you might have. We value your input, as it’s required to ensure our services are completely tailored to your needs. Would you like to do more? Then you’re very welcome in the parents’ committee of your centre. Or in 2Samen’s general client’s council.

Parents’ committee

Every childcare centre has a parents’ committee. Through these committees, we’re kept up-to-date with parents’ wishes. Of course we continually strive to adapt our services to the specific wishes of parents in your centre as much as possible. Members of the parents’ committee represent the interest of all parents and children. They foster a good relationship between them and the childcare centre staff.

Client’s council

On behalf of the parents’ committees, the client’s council continuously remains in close contact with the board of 2Samen. The council exerts influence on 2Samen’s policies.