What does it cost?

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What does it cost?

What childcare costs exactly, depends on your income and which type of childcare you choose. Below, you may find our lists of fees and our easy calculation tool, which allow you to calculate the cost of childcare in your situation.
Childcare Fees
Kinderopvang 2Samen is a quality driven non-profit foundation. We emphatically strive to keep our fees as low as possible. Any return is immediately invested in the quality of our services.

Fee compensation 

In the fee lists below, you’ll find gross amounts. What you end up paying net depends, among other things, on your income, the childcare benefit you’re entitled to and the amount of days of childcare you wish to purchase. Would you like to know what childcare will cost net in your situation? Have a look at our cost calculator.

All-in fees

Kinderopvang 2Samen does not charge extra costs for activities, nappies/diapers, drinks, meals, biological fruit and transport. KICKS provides after school activities such as sports, dance and music lessons, excursions and summer camps. These are also already included in our fees.

Smaller care packages

At Kindopervang 2Samen you are welcome for all sorts of childcare packages. We offer packages of 52 weeks, 46 weeks and, for our after school care, even 40 weeks a year. In order to avoid improper use of these packages, the smaller ones must be purchased, in principle, for at least one year. We will discuss this with you if you apply for one of these packages.

Childcare Benefit
Most parents may receive compensation for childcare (childcare benefit) from the government. You apply for this benefit yourself at the Tax and Customs Administration. You can find more information in English on their website or by phone at 0800 - 0543. Please do make sure you have all your placement details, as well as your and your child's burgerservicenummer (BSN) available.

You have a right to child benefit:

  • if both parents work, or are following a trajectory to work, studying for formal education or doing a citizenship course;
  • if you are a single parent working, studying for formal education or doing a citizenship course.

You also tell the Tax and Customs Administration about any changes that might occur. You can find more information about how to do so on their website or by phoning 0800 – 0543. The Tax and Customs Administration will transfer the appropriate benefit onto your account every month.

No need to advance the cost

You can also choose to have the childcare benefit transferred straight to Kinderopvang 2Samen. From the moment we receive this benefit, you will receive a lower monthly invoice from us. It means you do not have to advance the cost. If you wish to do this, you can enter 2Samen’s details on the Tax and Customs Administration Form at the question on which bank account you would like to receive your childcare benefit: 2Samen (IBAN NL37 RABO

Request your childcare benefit in a timely manner!

The government only issues childcare benefit if the application for it has been completed a maximum of 3 months after the start of your childcare. If you are entitled to the Municipal Playgroup Allowance (GPT, Gemeentelijke Peutertoeslag), you have to apply for this contribution within 6 weeks after the start of the placement. If you do this later, you could lose your entitlement to receiving compensation for the earlier months. It is still possible, at any point and retroactively, to pass on any changes in your family situation or the number of hours you receive childcare to the Tax and Customs Administration.

Calculation tool
Are you entitled to childcare benefit? We have a useful calculation tool and the Tax and Customs Administration has a calculation tool as well. It is an easy way to calculate if and how much childcare benefit you may receive. These tools are only available in Dutch. For your benefit, we also provide (English) tables with the level of childcare benefits you may receive for your income. Please see below.

Childcare Benefits 2024

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net costs nursery/daycare net costs out of school care

Click here for the net-gross calculations and the 2Samen calculation tool

Click here to do a test calculation for childcare benefit at the Tax and Customs Administration (Dutch)