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2Samen Winter Camp!

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12 January 2023

2Samen Winter Camp!

Wind, rain and cold temperatures couldn’t stop us: the children of 2Samen enjoyed a winter camp during the Christmas holidays! It was the first winter camp which included a sleepover.

Once arrived at the campsite, it was time for an introduction and exploring the camp terrain. Afterwards, the children enjoyed a (vegetarian) chicken hot dog. This camp’s theme was superheroes! With the staff dressed up as super heroes, and magical food. Who dares to eat the bright green pasta?!

During several activities, the children discovered which superhero powers they possess. They bested the elements by making fire and lanterns. They experimented to explore how nature forces work. And during a game of superhero Cluedo, they put their brain power to work.

Afterwards, the children chose whether they wanted to go all out at a silent disco, win prizes during a game of Bingo, play glow-in-the-dark football or look for some excitement in the forest with ‘Operation Breaklight’. In the evening there was time for hot chocolates near the camp fire and loud singing to favourite tunes.

With the youngest children going to bed, the oldest children were allowed outside one last time. Time for turnaround hide-and-seek! All superheroes had to find the villain – very exciting! Three rounds later, it was also time for them to go to bed.

Even the morning started festive: dancing to music whilst clearing up the beds and getting breakfast ready. Because an outside strategy game required well filled bellies. The children with a swimming diploma then went on to the swimming pool and the other children stayed near the campsite for other activities.

Tired but happy, it was time to leave the camp terrain again. They were days full of fun and adventure. We’re already looking forward to the summer camp!