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Park clean-up

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21 October 2022

Park clean-up 2Samen and De Nijkamphoeve

30 children from 2Samen, waste pickers and 2 donkeys from De Nijkamphoeve equipped with baskets for the collected litter.

That was the success formula of the clean-up campaign that 2Samen and De Nijkamphoeve organised last week in the context of Sustainability Day. The day resulted in happy children, happy donkeys and a cleaner park. Within an hour, the motley crew had four full baskets: glass bottles, cans, clothing and, above all, lots of plastic.

We like working with organisations in the neighbourhood as much as possible. Neighbourhood farm De Nijkamphoeve is a great example. The children enjoy learning about the animals and getting to know nature. Something that is not quite so obvious for many city children.

However, our employees also feel at home there. For example, our very own 2Samen ‘sustainability ambassadors’ recently came to De Nijkamphoeve to discuss how 2Samen can work more sustainably. That was a literal case of ‘meeting in the stable’. It’s also where the ideas for this clean-up and many other sustainable activities were born that 2Samen organised in their own ‘Week of Sustainable Childcare’. From self-written stories about sustainability and cleaning up waste from the water on the SUP, to recycling plastic caps to key rings.

2Samen pays attention to nature and sustainability all year round. For example, with our own beekeepers at De Nijkamphoeve who organise bee safaris for the children and produce their own honey. By developing our staff’s talents, our childcare becomes even more challenging. And doing this at such a lovely outdoor spot in the middle of the city? Who wouldn’t get excited by that?!