2Samen and education


The cooperation between childcare and education is continuously becoming stronger. For many years, we’ve offered before school care, lunch break care and after school care for many schools in The Hague, Naaldwijk and Monster. But there’s more: childcare and education are growing towards one another using each other’s expertise.

During and after school hours, childcare and education work together to provide optimal developmental chances for children. An integral childcentre (integraal kindcentrum, ikc) is the most far-reaching cooperation between childcare and education. However, there are many more ways to work together.

Covid increased cooperation

In covid time, our pedagogical staff was helping schools to make sure they could provide emergency care. They picked children up from school, helped them with their homework, offered (sports) activities and give one-on-one guidance to vulnerable children. This development continues to grow. 2Samen also supports schools with for example developmental activities and programmes focused on a healthy lifestyle.

Combination jobs

We’re working together with multiple schools to create combination jobs for childcare and education. With the Associate Degree Pedagogical Educational Professional (AD-PEP), our staff have the chance to receive a qualification for pedagogical coach or teaching assistant. They can help out at school during school hours, and continue with after school care in the afternoons.

Social childcare

As a social and not-for-profit childcare organisation, we want to make sure there are high quality services available for children between the ages of 0 and 13. A good cooperation with education is essential for that. As co-organiser, we’re involved with many social initiatives that we set up together with schools. Please click here if you would like to read more about our role as a social childcare organisation.

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Summer school Haagse Hout: fun and learning

Primary school De Vuurvlinder, JongLeren and our location 2Vlinders organised the summer school Haagse Hout together. In the first 3 weeks of the summer holidays, children between 2-13 were very welcome. Often, the children who attend haven’t been in The Netherlands for long and are not going on holiday themselves. The atmosphere was great! In the mornings, the programme was all about language learning. In the afternoon, we organised several fun workshops for the children. The team consists of teachers from different schools and staff from 2Samen.

Activities for schools

For schools, we develop activity programmes that fit the wishes, culture and situation at the school. All activities can be made to measure and can take place during or after school. Have a look at 2samenkicks.nl (in Dutch) for an impression of the possibilities.