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Ukrainian school

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18 May 2022

Alderman Bredemeijer opens Diamant Ukrainian School in Mariahoeve

On Monday, Alderman Bredemeijer (Education) opened the Diamant Ukrainian School in Mariahoeve. This new, temporary school is a collaboration between primary school De Vuurvlinder (Lucas Onderwijs), 2Vlinders (Kinderopvang 2Samen) and playgroup ‘t Vlindertje (JongLeren). At the moment, education and childcare is offered to approximately 70 Ukrainian children between 2 and 13 years old.

A Ukrainian school within 4 weeks
The organisations have worked together intensively for a long time. Next year, they will move to a newly built school as ‘Kindcentrum Diamant’ (childcare and education within the same building). Primary school De Vuurvlinder is a multicultural school with many children who are new to the Netherlands. The school is specialised in trauma-sensitive education. Because they had many admissions for Ukrainian children of all ages, they needed a different space and a different way of organisation. That’s why De Vuurvlinder, 2Samen and JongLeren came together to mean something for these children. Within 4 weeks, they found a space and built a team of Ukrainian and Dutch teachers and teaching assistants. British School volunteers also teach English. In the breaks, the children play together with the children of the Leeuwerikhoeve, a primary school opposite. They also use their gym.

Education and childcare concept
The Ukrainian school has many of the same objectives as the new KC Diamant: health, talent, language and safety. There is much attention for wellbeing, moving, sports, talent development and parent involvement. At KC Diamant, they work together in the neighbourhood as well as with the neighbourhood. The Ukrainian school is a prime example of this. At the moment there is no official childcare. It’s paid for by the organisations themselves. The children have school during the weekdays, from 9 AM to 3 PM. Options for providing out of school care are currently considered.

Sponsors and collaborations
Setting up the Ukrainian School would not have been possible without a large number of sponsors and volunteers. For example the large donations of Fonds 1818, the Jeugd Eudcatie Fonds, Stichting Brede Buurtschool and the British School. Help and donations have also been provided by the people of Mariahoeve and others within The Hague region. For example by the Ukrainian Saturday School Wesselka, the Kringloop, Lichtpuntjes Mariahoeve and many more.