Helping out!

What does 2Samen do for society in these times?

Helping out!

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15 April 2020

2Samen: stronger together!

It’s cliched by now, but it still remains true: it’s a strange time. At our childcare locations, we have to unfortunately miss most of the children. Colleagues at the locations are taking care of children with key worker parents, but are also working from home. Something they’re not used to at all! Despite everything, we can also see the start of something beautiful. There’s space for all sorts of wonderful initiatives. Because we never forget: we’re stronger together!

Emergency care

Of course, at most of our locations, we offer childcare for children of key workers or children with a social-medical indication. Additionally, we offer emergency care for children in a (threatening) unsafe home situation. This emergency care is also for children who do not usually attend 2Samen. Our locations close to the hospitals are all open to offer care where required. Of course, we work together with schools as much as possible.

Masks and medical gowns

A group of colleagues got out their sewing machines and started sewing masks. These masks aren’t intended for hospitals, but for (for example) care homes or home care organisations. Currently they are not sewing masks, but medical gowns for care organisations Middin and ‘s Heeren Loo. There’s also a collection of items, such as baby phones, walkie-talkies and safety goggles.

Project ‘Dream Rooms’ in the May holidays

An activity for all children of The Hague and Westland, which is specifically ‘offline’. We’re making boxes with arts and crafts necessities required for children to make their dream rooms. They’re working with their hands, can let their fantasies run wild and parents don’t need to help. Everything you need is in the box. This activity will also be offered in the ‘Vakantiepas’ and will end with an online exposition and hopefully, later, a physical exposition.

Soup in the neighbourhood!

There’s a beautiful initiative in the area of Escamp, together with SPARK, the neighbourhood’s ‘society park’. A special ‘soup van’ has been set up, as a healthy alternative for an ice cream van. In the coming weeks, soup is made and distributed to families throughout the neighbourhood. We’re also thinking of ways to get the children in this area to move and stay active.

Cheering up the elderly

Many of our locations have good connections to the care homes in the area. They often visit with the children. Unfortunately, that’s not currently possible. Nevertheless, locations want to do something for the elderly, to cheer them up or offer support. This includes: lots of waving from a distance, delivering bouquets of flowers, drawing and arts and crafts and messages of support in chalk. Of course, they also do this for our heroes in the local hospitals.

Other small initiatives

Finally, there are countless of other small initiatives. Such as colleagues who offered to help through several organisations such as the Red Cross, who do grocery shopping for their neighbours or help in places where volunteers are very much required. A large number of colleagues are also turning this crisis into a learning opportunity: they’re listening to webinars, reading our quality handbook again or making activity plans for the future. And of course, the colleagues in our childcare centres are taking wonderful care of the children there and do all sorts of fun activities to stay in touch with the children at home. For example by sharing videos, reading books and giving advice for fun activities.

One thing is certain: we’re not currently sitting still at 2Samen! We’re proud of all of our colleagues.