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16 April 2020

Campaign for our children

Have you seen the new campaign for our children yet? In the streets of The Hague, there are signs with three different posters. With them, we want to send an extra message to all of the children, letting them know we miss them!

Campagne-poster-kinderen-2samen-in-ons-hart-den-haag Campagne-poster-kinderen-2samen-uitkijken-naar-jullie-den-haag Campagne-poster-kinderen-2samen-missen-jullie-den-haag

With these images, in Dutch, we want the children to know that we’re thinking of them, that we miss them and that we’re looking forward to seeing them again. They’re in our hearts! A positive, loving and simply cheerful message in these bizarre ‘Corona’ times.

And that’s not all we’re going to do with these images, but that will remain a surprise for now!