Talent day

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Talent day

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7 October 2022

Talent day

2Samen trains employees to become children's talent whisperers. Our fifth Talent Day took place on October 5! In addition to our employees, colleagues from education and parents also participated. That made this edition extra successful. Writer and speaker Luk Dewulf took us into the world of talent on 5 October! Because everyone has it, you just have to learn to recognize it and use it in the right way.

Talent is not about excelling but about any activity that comes naturally and brings satisfaction. That makes time fly, and that you recharge your batteries. You get energy from your talents. We wish that every child and every employee in our childcare.

Children, as well as adults, are often unaware of their talent; others can help them with that. That’s exactly what a kid’s talent whisperer does. Helping people identify their talents and consciously deal with the associated pitfalls. In this way we look behind behavior and see the best in each other. We see you! It is not for nothing that it is the core of our pedagogical house/policy.

Angela, parent at 2Schuiten in Wateringse Veld:
”I really enjoy getting an insight as a parent of 2Schuiten daycare. And also to apply this in the family: giving my daughter the right compliments, empowering people and that also in my work as an HR manager.”

Yagmur, pedagogical employee, 2Schuiten:
“My own work doesn’t feel like work! From 8.30 to 11.30 I am in a flow at the playgroup. All those kids reactions. All different. I really like that challenge!”