2Tom Pouce

Scheveningseweg 237
2584 AA Den Haag
06-40467450 (English)

Opening hours:
Daily, after school until 18:30.


Out of school care for Lycée français

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Scheveningseweg 237
2584 AA Den Haag
06-40467450 (English)

Opening hours:
Daily, after school until 18:30.


We’re partnered with these schools

  • Lycée français Vincent van Gogh

2Tom Pouce after school care

As of 1 September 2019, Childcare Tom Pouce has become part of ‘Kinderopvang 2Samen’. This change has been initiated at the explicit request of the Lycée. We’re very pleased we’re allowed to organise the after school care for parents and children of the Lycée.


What makes us special?

  • Homework support, in cooperation with the Lycée Français
  • International group, with a language mix of 50% Dutch and 50% French
  • Open for care during the French school holidays
  • Open late until 18:30
  • Fun activities, with special workshops by our KICKS department

Experiencing new things, together

After school care at Kinderopvang 2Samen is all about experiencing the best activities together and discovering new things. Children have the lead in this. They decide, together with our staff and each other, what they would like to do each day or afternoon. Of course, this process includes taking into account what every individual child needs. Some might need to sit down, read and relax for a little while after a busy school day, while others need to run around and exercise.

The best activities and workshops with KICKS

One of the reasons that make Kinderopvang 2Samen special within The Hague, is that we have our own activities department: KICKS. KICKS arranges activities and workshops for our after school children every week, as well as during the holidays. Depending on what the children choose, these activities range from making bags with recycled materials or learning how to breakdance, to doing a survival course outside, going surfing at the beach or learning how to program with robots. They broaden the children’s horizons, teach them how to work together and, most importantly: they’re a lot of fun!

“Every day, my children ask me: "Mum, why are you here already?!"”

- Parent at 2Vikingen, one of 2Samen's other locations

Types of Childcare at 2Tom Pouce 

• After school care until 17.30
• After school care until 17.30, including childcare during school holidays *
• Extra purchase possible from 17.30 – 18.30 **

* Holiday care during Dutch school holidays, in the Lycée (when the building is open) or at another 2Samen centre (when the building is closed). Separate school holiday weeks of the Lycée will only be offered if the school building is open. Childcare on ‘Prinsjesdag’ (17 September 2019) is included.
** For children needing childcare beyond 17.30 and children attending school activities or homework support until 17.30 o’clock. 

Please adress your questions and/or application for school activities and homework support to: dirlahaye@lyceevangogh.nl.

2Tom Pouce will offer bilingual childcare (French / Dutch). We our currently doing our best to recruit French speakers. Any leads are most welcome! We will be communicating in English with parents/caretakers.

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Scheveningseweg 237
2584 AA Den Haag


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Where is this centre located?

  • Neighbourhood: Visserijbuurt
  • Quarter: Scheveningen
  • City district: Scheveningen