Welcome Sinterklaas!

This weekend, Sinterklaas
is coming to The Netherlands.
He also arrives in The Hague,
Monster and Naaldwijk.

Will you be there too?

Welcome Sinterklaas!

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13 November 2018

Welcome Sinterklaas!

Just as in the previous years, 2Samen contributes to welcoming Sinterklaas at the Scheveningen harbour. We wish him a hearty welcome, we hand out small goodies and take care of children that are lost. The programme in the harbour starts at 10:30. Other than that, you may come across our float in the Sint’s tour through the city of The Hague, which will last all afternoon.

You can find out more details about the programme in the harbour, the tour through the city and the programme in the city centre on www.sinterklaasindenhaag.nl (Dutch).

Sinterklaas in Monster

In Monster, Sinterklaas is expected in the Havenstraat on Saturday afternoon. The programme here starts at 13:50. Once Sinterklaas has arrived, he’ll go towards the Kerkplein in Monster, to continue the festivities. Of course it’s also possible for children to sit on his lap.

Sinterklaas in Naaldwijk

Naaldwijk welcomes Sinterklaas at 13:00. He will arrive by boat at Sports centre De Pijl at the Bachlaan. From here, Sint and his following will continue their tour towards Wilhelminaplein. He expects to be here around 14:15. Of course, Sinterklaas will make time to shake hands, receive drawings or take pictures with the children. He leaves again around 16:00.