Child with PUK doll in the preschool education of 2Samen in The Hague, Monster and Naaldwijk

Preschool Education
at Childcare 2Samen

In Preschool Education (preschool) we pay a lot of attention to children who need extra support. This way they get a better start. We find this very important at 2Samen. Because anyone who starts with a disadvantage can suffer from this for a lifetime.

We offer Preschool Education in The Hague and Monster.

Children play with a preschool pedagogical employee

A good preparation for primary school

Preschool Education is just like it daycare and regular toddler care a good preparation for primary school. VE goes one step further to offer children equal opportunities to start. For a good start in primary education, we playfully practice language, preparatory arithmetic, motor skills and social-emotional skills.

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You can register with a VE indication

If your child is eligible for Early Childhood Education (VE), he or she will receive a 'VE indication'. This is usually done through youth health care (JGZ) / Center for Youth and Family (CJG). With such a referral you can register your child for a VE group at 2Samen. In some neighborhoods in The Hague, all children automatically receive a VE indication. For more information, visit the website

Children from The Hague with a VE indication can come to us from the age of 2,5 years. In Westland this is possible from the age of 2. This is municipal policy.

It has been proven that children who go to preschool have a better start at primary school.

– Municipality of The Hague

Together with municipalities

Together with municipalities, we want to increase equality of opportunity and get more toddlers into toddler care. Our children, employees and satisfied parents can be seen in this film from the municipality of The Hague. We also offer toddler care of the same 2Samen quality in Westland and we enjoy working together.

Free preschool in The Hague

For more information about VE in the Municipality of The Hague, you can visit their website special VE page. 

VE in the daycare center

In the daycare center we have VE groups for toddlers who need extra support in their development. You can receive compensation through the municipality receive if your child has a VE indication. Please note: the contracts in the daycare center are greater than the free VE hours or hours for which you receive a municipal allowance. For the remaining hours you pay an income-related contribution and you receive childcare allowance.

VE in toddler care

We also have a separate VE toddler care center (also known as a playgroup or preschool). Here too, your child will receive a special offer for extra support in his/her development. This is always before 16 p.m. a week. You can receive compensation through the municipality if your child has a VE indication.

Development-oriented activities

In the VE we do many different activities. Crafting, building, role playing. reading aloud, music and exercise activities, for example. In this way we stimulate broad development. We also pay a lot of attention to experiencing nature.




Pedagogical policy 0-4 years Pedagogical House Pedagogical House

Attention to development

Speech and language

Language development occurs very quickly at toddler age. It is therefore an important time to pay extra attention to this.

Social and emotional

In the VE, your toddler learns to interact better with others, playing together and sharing, for example. He/she will also recognize and understand his/her own emotions and those of other children.


Cutting, drawing, cycling, toddler gym or a fun game of toddler dance. In Preschool your toddler develops every day. We also go outside a lot.


Hearing, feeling, smelling and tasting. There is so much for children to discover with all their senses. We actively respond to this in our preschool.

Group size and opening hours

A toddler group consists of a maximum of 16 toddlers aged 2,5 to 4 years. Opening hours vary per childcare center. Check with the childcare center of your choice for specific times. Playgroups are closed during public holidays, school holidays and school closing days.

Well-trained employees

Our toddler care employees receive special training to guide the development of children as best as possible. We also employ pedagogues and pedagogical coaches who provide extra support if necessary.

Would you like to meet our VE without obligation?

Of course you want to see with your own eyes how and where your child will experience all kinds of big and small adventures. We find it very important to get to know the employees in detail and experience the atmosphere. Choosing childcare is largely about feeling good. You are very welcome!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can my child also receive Preschool Education at the nursery/day care center?

    Yes. In our daycare we also offer Preschool Education (VE). But not at all locations. In our location overview you can check VE and see at a glance where you can go for VE.

  • What do I need to do to qualify for a VE placement?

    You will hear from the child health clinic whether your child is eligible for preschool education (a 've indication'). Municipalities determine which children receive an indication. For example, they look at what language the parents speak at home. Or how a child's language develops. Check your municipality's website to see which conditions apply in your municipality.


  • Which VE programs does 2Samen work with?

    As a recognized preschool education program, we use Uk & Puk.

  • Which locations offer VE?

    In our location finder you can choose VE. Types of reception are also listed on the relevant pages of the location.

Frequently Asked Questions

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