The children of BSO 2Zeppelins in Monster show their delicious nachos in a sombrero.

Mexican cooking at Meesterkoks 2024
Nacho dish from 2Zeppelins was liked

BSO 2Zeppelins in Monster looks back on the great event: Master Chefs 2024. This year the chefs Yulia, Dewi, Tom and Arend competed for the honor. With the theme 'a cultural touch' they opted for a delicious Mexican dish.

They had prepared perfectly and practiced well at BSO 2Zeppelins in Monster.
Which country do we choose? What would the jury like? How do we make that as healthy as possible and in 20 minutes? How do we surprise? They chose Mexican nachos. This dish presented in a real Mexican sombrero with even tequila (made from water) was very popular. With the jury and with yourself!
They presented themselves as true chefs in chef's clothing and with a good explanation of their dish and ingredients. Enjoy your healthy pancake package with the entire BSO! We are already curious which BSO in Westland will participate in Master Chefs next year!