Izabella (3 years old) unveils a self-made work of art together with a pedagogical employee and three directors of Childcare 2Samen, Childcare Kombino and Basalt rehabilitation center. This will become the new daycare center 2Walvissen opened.

Izabelle (3) opens 2Walvissen in Basalt
With and without care needs

Izabella (3) opened the new daycare center on February 1 2Walvissen for children with and without a specific (medical) care need in the Basalt rehabilitation center on Vrederustlaan in The Hague. Thanks to the unique collaboration between Childcare Kombino - specialized in nursing care - and Childcare 2Samen, these babies and toddlers can grow, develop and learn side by side. Every child and every parent deserves such a 'particularly normal' childcare place, with treatment rooms for additional care needs in the same building. The children celebrated their own opening party, in peace and without many stimuli. Revealing their self-made work of art, which beautifully symbolizes the feeling of being together, made them proud. This was the 'icing on the cake' for everyone and Izabella in particular.

Very ordinary shelter

Director Zoë Kwint of 2Samen is enthusiastic about the collaboration with Kombino. Kwint: “This special form of childcare is already possible at our daycare center 2Zonnebloemen in the Regentessekwartier and before that for many years at our former location 2In de Wolken. How nice to now continue our efforts in Basalt, the expertise center for rehabilitation care in our region. Through a connecting door, a child who needs it can go to a care provider such as a rehabilitation doctor, physiotherapist or speech therapist for treatment. Parents can rely on the best care during childcare. They don't have to leave work or arrange transportation. The daily rhythm and activities are as at all our locations in The Hague and Westland. This is a special but also normal childcare location.”

Do what you are good at and combine what benefits the child's development. That's what we're going for.

– Zoë Kwint, director of Childcare 2Samen

To learn from each other

Malou Jonker, director of Kombino, adds: “Pedagogical employee Mathilde on behalf of Kombino and Linda on behalf of 2Samen give shape to our collaboration in a great way. They applied for this new challenge and together took up the space to implement it. Now they adapt their knowledge and years of experience perfectly to the level of each child. The child and the care plan are central and they see and hear what the person really needs that day. The children learn to take each other into account, support each other and can rely on each other. Even though one is in a wheelchair, the other happily runs around; they involve each other in an activity. If one person is less able to speak well, he or she will learn all kinds of words from the other through play. You want every child to have these development and growth opportunities. And the great thing is that there is still room for more children in the group.”

Nikie van den Berge, director of Basalt, is also extremely proud of this collaboration. “Shelter, care and treatment where the child is central and parents are seen. In this way we also contribute to inclusion, where every child participates in our society.”