Tram 1 Hague drives around The Hague in a new look: the new corporate identity of Childcare 2Samen

A beautiful time
You make them together at 2Samen.

YES. From now on you 'see' us in a different way. Because the further development of our recognizable corporate identity and two new websites are now visible to everyone!

A beautiful time. You look forward to it, you experience it or you look back on it. This is what we go for, in words and actions. On screen, the figures called Sams complement our colorful expressions.

You will increasingly recognize this from and in us. For example, when 'our' tram rushes past you in The Hague or when you drive behind a bus. When the children and pedagogical staff in 'our' shelter beamingly invite you to join them on large posters in the city; here you can be who you are. Or if you are a mother or father looking for childcare for your child

In addition to this website we now also have Because it is the high time for a beautiful site with which we can recruit many more qualified employees. And where we can show why they should choose us!

A toddler looks through a wooden camera and above it is the text: Time to discover the world

The new direction and resources fit us like a new (summer) jacket. We don't throw anything away and we only replace it if something is broken or used up. We look back on the previous months with great pride. We found identity in Maan. design. content ( and Acato Creative and Digital Agency ( pleasant, creative and reliable new partners. And many colleagues and customers also shared their thoughts with us during information evenings, qualitative studies, sounding board sessions and working groups.