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210 Sustainable garlands from Het Westerhonk
Ladies with an intellectual disability got the job done

Roxy, Lilliana, Lilou, Luuk and Suna from out-of-school care 2Pinguïns In Naaldwijk, no fewer than 210 handmade flag lines were received at De Hooge Hoed day care center on Wednesday. The ladies with a mild intellectual disability completed a challenging job for Childcare 2Samen in 'their log cabin' in Tuincentrum De Carlton.

Durable flags that will last for years

Pedagogical employee Mariska: “2Samen is a healthy childcare center where sustainability is of paramount importance. At 's Heeren Loo Het Westerhonk we found the environmentally friendly and more fire-safe decoration that we had been looking for for a long time. We preferred no more plastic or paper flags. Moreover, these fabric ones last for years! You will immediately recognize us because of our corporate colors and letters, numbers and symbols made of felt. Whether you visit one of our 70 locations or offices or meet us at a meeting in The Hague and Westland.” Supervisor Patricia van De Hooge Hoed: “Great to see the passion of the ladies during work. "That's almost a thousand," one shouted. "The color pink is finished, on to green," said the other. In any case, they all agreed on one thing: there should be a celebration with the children, because that is part of bunting.”

The children and clients with disabilities interact openly and honestly with each other. Then I see what we are doing it for. This is a perfect match. We learn from each other through meetings!

– Pedagogical employee Mariska at 2Pinguïns

Perfect match

Mariska: “Day Care De Hooge Hoed tackled the assignment with both hands. That is beautiful. But we also consciously chose them. 2Samen is a non-profit organization, invests in the development of children and their neighborhoods and collaborates with other social organizations in the neighborhoods of our locations in The Hague and Westland. Today I see again how open and honest the children from 4 to 8 years old and these clients with disabilities interact with each other. How welcome the children feel, how they get an insight into the ins and outs of daytime activities and how they receive explanations about making 'their' garlands. Then I see what we are doing it for. This is a perfect match. We learn from each other through meetings!”