Mayor Bouke Arends reads to babies and toddlers at daycare 2Ballonnen in Monster, Westland

Mayor Arends reads aloud 2Ballonnen

Mayor Bouke Arends read to the babies and toddlers at the childcare center on January 31 2Ballonnen in Monster. He did this at the invitation of the National Reading Days from the picture book 'Help, a surprise!'. Unit manager Ramona van der Ende often emphasizes: “Reading aloud is of great value from an early age. It increases vocabulary, stimulates creativity and ensures greater reading skills and reading pleasure. By starting early, the positive effect later in life is even greater!”

Reading comes first!

At Childcare 2Samen, reading is a fixed part of the day. And that is not for nothing. In some neighborhoods, up to 50% of residents cannot read and write properly. Ramona: “In Westland we therefore have intensive cooperation with the libraries. Through them, each Westland 2Samen reception location has now trained a pedagogical employee to become a reading coordinator. The reading corners are well stocked. And we are placing more and more mini libraries outside. In this way we give every child in the neighborhood in The Hague and Westland the opportunity to read a book. With these types of initiatives we want to promote reading, improve language development and reduce literacy. We are happy to give this an extra boost during the National Reading Days. It's exciting and nice that the mayor happily accepted our invitation.”

Reading aloud is important for the language development of every child, you can't start early enough.

– Bouke Arends, mayor of Westland

One with the reading story

The picture book 'Help, a surprise' by Miriam Bos is the reading book of 2024. The mayor had read the story about August the fox and Suus the squirrel thoroughly in advance. August loves reading, lazing around and making beautiful things. Suus likes to run, jump and do wild things. Everyone, human and animal, is unique and therefore sometimes a little different from the other. Pedagogical employee Nadine: “The babies and toddlers were hanging on the mayor's every word. Because how would August's surprise from Suus be experienced? The children became one with the story. With red eyes they were happy that the surprise for the fox was fun and not scary. The beautiful drawings of the colorful forest in the book made the children want to run around in it themselves. The colors burst from the pages, just like the friendship between the fox and the squirrel. I'm sure we will talk for a long time about the forest, nature, the animals and especially about being 'friends' with each other!”

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