Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is 2Samen's vaccination policy?

    To ensure group immunity as much as possible, we place a maximum of 1 unvaccinated baby and never more than 5% unvaccinated children per childcare center. We have based this on the guidelines of the RIVM.

  • Can 2Samen request my BSN number?

    Yes that is allowed. Childcare organizations are legally authorized – and even obliged – to ask parents for their citizen service number and that of their children, because of the childcare allowance. This applies to all companies and organizations that have anything to do with benefits.

  • Can I indicate a preference for a group?

    Yes, this is possible. We take your preference into account as much as possible, but unfortunately that is not always possible.

  • Is my child automatically registered for BSO if he/she already goes to daycare?

    No. A separate registration is required for out-of-school care.

  • Do you offer flexible contracts?

    No, we do not offer flexible contracts. By flexible we mean freely selectable days and/or evenings. We also do not offer childcare in the evening/night and on weekends.

  • Do you also offer bilingual childcare?

    We offer bilingual care at BSO 2Wombats in Scheveningen. This concerns after-school care for children from Lycée Français Vincent van Gogh. We speak Dutch and French with the children (the main language with parents is English). We do not offer bilingual care at other locations.

  • Do you have waiting lists?

    That depends on the location. At one location there is room immediately and there is no waiting list, at the other there is not. If you would like to know what this is like at your preferred location(s), please feel free to call us!

    At locations with a waiting list, we are dependent on cancellations or changes in planning. In addition, your desired start date, the number of days you want to take, your preferred days and any priority criterion play a role; for example, brothers and sisters have priority at 2Samen.

  • How many people are waiting ahead of me?

    This is a difficult question to answer. The waiting list contains children of all ages and different application days. In addition, the group composition plays a role in which children can be placed. Quite a puzzle.

  • When will I hear if there is a place?

    This depends on the location, but usually three to six months before the desired start date. From that moment on, we check availability every two to three weeks when we make a new plan.

    If you don't hear anything, there is no place available for your child yet. Unfortunately, it is not feasible for us to keep all parents personally informed on an ongoing basis.

  • Can I change my registration/waiting list?

    Yes, that is possible, you can send an email to: or this can be done via our parent portal (Jaamo).

  • Can I use my place for another child from the family?

    No, this is not possible. Each request is child-related.

  • Why do I hear that there is room at the location, but it is different when I call the head office.

    It may be that there is room on location at that time, but it is not available for your child, for example because there is a waiting list or there are priority placements.

  • Can I take an extra day?

    If you want to take an incidental extra day, you can request this via the Jaamo parent app. If you would like to request an extra day on a structural basis, you can contact the Planning & Advice department. You can email your request to

  • How can I change my contract?

    For example, if you want to change your package, structurally one day off or on, you can send an email to

  • Do BSO contracts include study days and/or holidays from school?

    This depends on the package you have chosen.

  • My child will soon be 4 years old. Does the contract then end automatically?

    If a contract runs until a child's fourth birthday, it will indeed automatically end after that.

  • Can I possibly extend the contract for my 4-year-old child?

    If your child does not immediately go to primary school as soon as he/she turns four, for example because there is a holiday and he/she cannot start until afterwards, you can submit a request for an extension of daycare.

    As soon as you know that an extension is needed, you can request this from the Planning & Advice department, via or 070-3385500.

  • Can I move my start date (free of charge)?

    We can move the start date (free of charge) by up to one month. If you want to move the commencement date further, you will unfortunately have to cancel the agreement first. Read more about the cancellation costs in our house rules. We will then put the application back into our system with the new desired start date. As soon as we make a new plan, we will look at the possibilities again.

  • What is 2Samen's placement policy?

    You can find the placement policy here.

  • Can I temporarily pause/put my contract on hold?

    No, temporarily pausing a contract (holding a place without paying) is not possible. We have many requests for childcare and a waiting list at many locations. If we reserve a place for a child who is temporarily absent (for example during a trip), we cannot offer care to another child.


  • Why does 2Samen need my BSN?

    The Tax Authorities must ask you for your Citizen Service Number (BSN) and that of your child. The Tax Authorities link the administration of the number of childcare hours used to our data. Failure to provide dates of birth and BSN may have consequences for your childcare allowance.

  • I cannot enter my BSN or IBAN, what now?

    It is important that you do not copy your BSN or IBAN from another page, but enter it completely new, without spaces. If you are still unable to sign a contract, please contact our Planning & Advice department.

  • How is the monthly rate structured?

    At 2Samen you are billed the same amount every month, so you know exactly where you stand.

    We calculate the average number of childcare hours by adding all childcare hours in the calendar year and dividing by 12 months. For more details, please contact the Planning & Advice department.

  • Do I get a discount for a second or subsequent child?

    No, you will not receive a discount for a second or subsequent child. If you have a second child, you will receive proportionally more childcare allowance through the tax authorities.

  • When should I register my child for childcare at 2Samen?

    To increase the chance of a place, we recommend that you register your child with our childcare as soon as possible. We take your preferences into account during our planning and do our utmost to meet your wishes.

    • You can register for day and toddler care as soon as there is an expected date of birth.
    • You can register for after-school care from the moment your child is born.
    • NB! Even if your child already uses our daycare or playgroup, a separate registration for out-of-school care is required.
  • How much does childcare cost?

    You can find more information about childcare costs here.

  • If I pick up my child earlier or drop it off later, do I have to pay for fewer childcare hours?

    No, in the contract we make fixed agreements for the days and hours of care. The location and our colleagues are available for your child at those times. Delivering later or picking up earlier has no influence on the price you pay.

  • Do the rates change every year and when will I hear this?

    Yes, every year around the end of November you will receive a message about the annual rate adjustments and childcare hours for the following calendar year.

  • Where can I find the current rates and my childcare hours?

    The rates and hours can be found on your invoice.

  • Am I entitled to childcare allowance?

    For information about childcare allowance, click here. We would also like to refer you to the website of the Tax Authorities. Here you will always find the most recent data.

  • How much childcare allowance do I receive?

    The amount of the allowance is income-related. Through our calculation tool you can easily calculate this. For more information you can also visit the website of the tax authorities rightly so.

  • I lost my job. Will my childcare allowance still continue?

    You retain the right to childcare allowance for the first 3 months after your employment has ended. This gives you time to find new work without having to cancel childcare immediately. All information can be found on the Tax Authorities' website.


  • Where can I find information about childcare allowance?

    All information about applying for or changing your childcare allowance, changes in your personal situation and any influence on your allowance can be found on the website of the tax authorities. You will of course also find information about this on our website, click here.

  • Can I agree on a payment arrangement with 2Samen?

    Yes, in most cases this is possible, please contact our Accounts Receivable department (via option two when you call).

  • What is an LRK number?

    You will find registered childcare facilities in the National Childcare Register (LRK). Registered means that the childcare facilities have been approved by the municipality and the GGD. The LRK number corresponds to a type of reception per location. You will need this number when applying for Childcare Allowance.

  • What is the Toddler Care Cost Allowance (TKP)?

    This is a municipal subsidy, which is income-related. More information can be found here.

  • How can I apply for Municipal Toddler Allowance (GPT)?

    You request this via 2Samen. More information can be found here. 

  • How does the invoicing work?

    We will invoice for the upcoming month around the 21st. So you pay one month in advance. You will receive the invoice via the parent portal.

  • When will the payment be collected?

    With direct debit, always collect on the last working day of the month. If this falls on a weekend, it is always the Friday before.

  • I do not want a direct debit, can I also transfer the amount myself?

    Direct debit is mandatory. In exceptional cases, you can have this terminated and transfer the amount yourself before the 1st of the new month. Please inquire with the Planning & Advice department.

  • When do I pay for additional days taken?

    We invoice extra days in the first week of the new month.

  • I started halfway through the month, how will the first invoicing proceed?

    You will then receive a first invoice for half the month.

  • How can I change my bank account/payment account/account number?

    This can be done by sending an email to

  • When will I receive my annual statement?

    The annual statement will be ready in the parent portal around February 1.

  • How can I cancel?

    You can cancel by sending an email to Please take into account at least one month's notice period.

  • Do I have to cancel the daycare center when my child turns four?

    No, the contract runs automatically until your child's fourth birthday. Then it stops automatically.

  • Do I have to cancel BSO if my child goes to secondary education?

    The contract for out-of-school care runs automatically until July 31 in the year that your child turns 13. If you want to stop the placement earlier, you can send an email to

  • I have already signed the contract, can I still cancel (free of charge)?

    You can cancel an agreement that has already been signed. We do charge administration costs, which are:

    More than one month before the start date of the placement: €50 (for toddler care €25).

    Less than one month and more than two weeks before the start date: half a month of care with a minimum of €50 (toddler care €25).

    Within two weeks before the start date: a whole month of childcare with a minimum of €50 (toddler care €25).

  • When am I entitled to exchange days?

    Exchanging days is subject to conditions, such as occupancy (child-employee ratio) must allow this and exchange credit is valid for a limited period. At 2Samen, exchange days are a service and not a right.

    View all rules for trading here.

  • How long is my exchange credit valid?

    Exchanges can be made within a period of 31 days.

    View all rules for trading here.

  • What depends on whether my exchange request is approved?

    The possibility of exchanging days depends entirely on the space in the group, group composition and staff.

    View all rules for trading here.

  • My child is in a full group. How does exchanging work?

    When exchanging days, you are always dependent on the occupancy of a group. If groups are full, another child must be unregistered first. Exchanges are and remain a service we try to offer, but unfortunately we cannot guarantee anything.

    View all rules for trading here.

  • How do I see my exchange credit?

    In the parent app, under 'credits' you can see which days you still have available to exchange.

  • What happens to the costs if my child is absent (e.g. sick or on holiday)?

    The costs therefore do not change, the monthly rate remains the same, which also applies to the childcare allowance.

  • How and when will I hear whether my exchange request has been approved?

    The exchange request will be assessed at the location where your child is placed. As soon as the request has been approved or rejected, you will see this in the app.

  • My exchange request has been rejected. Can I be placed on a waiting list?

    We do not work with a waiting list for exchanges. You can possibly consult with a location to see if they can estimate whether there is still room available at the last minute. Unfortunately, no guarantee can be given.

  • My extra day / exchange day has been approved. How is the payment made?

    If you have been able to exchange a day, you pay nothing extra. If you have requested an extra day and you no longer have any credit (depending on your care package), you will receive an extra invoice. You can also report these extra hours annually to the Tax Authorities in order to receive childcare allowance.

  • Can I make one exchange request for all my children?

    You can submit an application for multiple children/days, but we assess the application for each child separately. You can add a comment if you want to purchase additional days when your exchange credit has run out.

  • Can I cancel an extra day?

    If you request an extra day for your child, this can be canceled 14 days before placement (via the app with the cancel button). This will then not be charged. If you wish to cancel the additional day within 14 days, you can only set the relevant placement to absent. This extra day will then be charged.

  • What can I expect when childcare starts soon?

    First of all, you will be invited for an intake interview to get to know each other. You make adjustments for your child and discuss a number of practical matters.

  • Do you work with adjustment days?

    Certainly, you plan adjustment moments in consultation with the location.

  • When will an introductory meeting take place?

    An intake interview will be scheduled on location within one month before your child's start date.

  • What is the difference between playgroup and daycare?

    Playgroup (PSZ) is a morning or afternoon session of learning and discovering together for children from 2/2,5 to 4 years old. The daycare center (KDV) cares for children from 10 weeks old until they turn 4 years old. In principle, children come here all day long. The daily activities of the toddler group in the PSZ and the KDV are similar. In both the KDV and PSZ we stimulate development and offer good preparation for primary school.

  • Why do some locations use pairing days?

    By working with pairing days we ensure stability in the group. Precisely because children only come in the mornings or afternoons, we think it is important to offer children a familiar place with the same faces in the group. Linked days means that the child is placed on fixed 'linked' days. Children often see the same friends and employees.

  • Why is the playgroup/preschool closed during school holidays?

    This mainly has a very practical reason. In many cases, PSZ groups are accommodated in after-school care areas. These spaces are occupied during school holidays by school-age children who then come to daycare all day long instead of just coming from school.

  • Which locations offer VE?

    In our location finder you can choose VE. Types of reception are also listed on the relevant pages of the location.

  • How many 2Samen locations can I register for?

    You can register your child for a maximum of three 2Samen locations. You indicate your 1st, 2nd and 3rd preference. We try to take this into account as much as possible.

  • Do you guarantee a place after my registration?

    We will do our utmost to find a place for you. But unfortunately we cannot guarantee that we will have a place available on your preferred days immediately from the desired start date.

  • Are there any costs associated with placing my child on the waiting list and/or registering?

    No, registering for the waiting list is free of charge and without obligation.

  • Are there cancellation fees?

    Has the shelter not yet started and have you not yet received a final placement offer and contract from us? Then there are no cancellation costs. If you have already signed a contract, cancellation fees may apply. Once care takes place, this is referred to as 'cancellation' and our general terms and conditions apply, for example for the notice period.

  • Which VE programs does 2Samen work with?

    As a recognized preschool education program, we use Uk & Puk.

  • Can I register with multiple childcare organizations?

    Yes, you can and may register with multiple childcare organizations. We hope, of course, that you choose 2Samen!

  • Who do I contact about my registration?

    If you have registered your child via our website, you will receive a written registration confirmation from our Planning & Advice department within 2 weeks. For questions or comments, our colleagues can be reached by telephone and e-mail during working days.

  • Does 2Samen give priority on the waiting list?

    For a balanced age distribution, we sometimes deviate from the waiting list. This way we ensure that children always have peers to play with. For example, we also give priority to brothers/sisters of children who have already been placed, target group children in Preschool Education and to children of our own staff.

    You can find our complete priority policy in our website placement policy.

  • How do I register my second or subsequent child?

    Are you already a customer and are you expanding your family? Then you can register by email We would like to hear your due date, when you would like to start childcare and the desired location. You can also register via the parent portal in Jaamo.

  • Can I receive compensation from the Municipality of The Hague?

    Do you receive social assistance benefits and does your child go to a daycare center or after-school care? And are you following a route to work through the municipality? Then you can apply for an allowance from the municipality for the costs of childcare, in addition to the childcare allowance from the Tax Authorities. Read more on the municipality's website.

    The municipality also contributes through the Toddler Allowance when parents are not entitled to childcare allowance. More information can be found here.

  • Can I register my child for half-day or every other week care?

    No, it is not possible to register for half-day or every other week care.

  • What do I need to do to qualify for a VE placement?

    You will hear from the child health clinic whether your child is eligible for preschool education (a 've indication'). Municipalities determine which children receive an indication. For example, they look at what language the parents speak at home. Or how a child's language develops. Check your municipality's website to see which conditions apply in your municipality.


  • Do you work with horizontal or vertical groups?

    In the daycare center we work with both horizontal groups (children of approximately the same age) and vertical groups (children from 0 to 4). Please inquire at your preferred 2Samen location.

  • What are the opening hours of the 2Samen locations?

    For the exact opening hours, please visit our location pages.

  • How are you getting used to the KDV?

    Getting used to things is nice and important for children and we give them plenty of space to do so. During the adjustment period they get to know the environment and the other children. It is also important that your child builds a relationship of trust with the pedagogical staff during this period. When your child dares to trust them and knows the environment and the other children, he or she will feel safe. To ensure that the feeling of safety and trust is indeed established during this period, we carefully build up the time your child spends with us. We believe close consultation with you is of great importance.

  • How many pedagogical employees work in a group?

    This often differs per location, type of reception and per group. It depends on the number of children and the age ratios within the group. The GGD has drawn up fixed guidelines for this, which we apply.

  • When will my child move on to the next group?

    When your child goes to a horizontal group in the daycare center, your child will at a certain point move on to the next group. This takes into account the development, age of your child and the days your child comes.

    You will hear from the pedagogical staff when your child moves on to the next group.

  • How can I reach my child's group?

    The Parent App contains the telephone number and email address of the location where you are a customer. You will find this information at the bottom under 'locations'.

  • On which days is 2Samen closed?

    All our childcare centers are open all year round, except during our study days and national commemorations and holidays. You can find our closing days on the closing days poster.

    Closed 2024
    Closing days of toddler care




  • How does after-school care (BSO) work during the holidays?

    During the school holidays we work with a fixed daily programme. The broad outlines are there, but we determine the content together with the children.

    Who knows better what they like to do than the children themselves? This is also a fun learning process for the children: preparation involves working together, taking each other into account and coordinating.

    During holidays there is more time for fun activities, workshops and even camps.

  • What does the nutrition policy entail?

    2Samen is a pioneer in the field of a healthy nutrition policy that we have drawn up together with the Nutrition Center and an external dietician.

  • How are you getting used to the BSO?

    The need for adjustment of children aged 4 to 13 varies widely. Young children may need to get used to it together with their parent, while older children may not like that at all. We always discuss this with you and your child.

    You can read more information about getting used to after-school care (BSO) in our brochure 'Getting used to it, the first step to the childcare center'.

  • What is the Parent App?

    With the parent app you can easily arrange all matters surrounding the care of your child(ren). You will find all the information about your child(ren) together: the photos, the notebook, the messages, your requests, the scheduled days, your credits and all important documents (invoices, contracts and annual statements).

  • How can I log in to the OuderApp

    As a 2Samen customer, your account will be created automatically. You can log in with the email address known to 2Samen and a password. If you have not received a password, click on 'Forgot your password?'. You can then log in with your email address and the password you receive. You can also access the OuderApp via tablet, laptop or PC. In your browser (Chrome, Safari, Explorer), go to and log in the same way as in the app (email and password).

  • How do I report my child sick?

    There are two ways to unsubscribe your child(ren) from childcare in the OuderApp:

    1. Click on Schedule at the bottom of your screen. Choose the date in the calendar and click on the childcare time of your child(ren) that you want to cancel. A blue 'View planning' button will appear on the right of the screen. If you click on this, you will be taken to the screen where you can unsubscribe your child.
    2. Click on the first button at the top right of the screen. You can cancel multiple childcare moments at the same time here. You choose the dates (from–to). Select the shelter to unsubscribe.
  • Can my child also receive Preschool Education at the nursery/day care center?

    Yes. In our daycare we also offer Preschool Education (VE). But not at all locations. In our location overview you can check VE and see at a glance where you can go for VE.

  • How can I report that someone else will pick up my child?

    Do you want to send a new message (a new conversation)? Click the + button at the top right of the messages page. Choose who the recipients are for this message and to involve your partner, if applicable, in this message. Type your message and click Send.

  • Can both parents log in to the Parent Portal/Parent App?

    Yes, a second parent can also log in to the Parent Portal. To do this, follow the steps described in 'How can I log in?'

  • Does my partner see exactly the same thing in the Parent App / Parent Portal (such as invoice / annual statement) with his/her own login?

    No, only the parent who is listed as a debtor with us can sign contracts, receive invoices and annual statements. Everything else is the same (messages, photos, etc.)

  • How can I file a complaint?

    More information about complaints and a link to the complaints form on this page.