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15 April 2021

Update Coronavirus

In the press conference of April 13th, the government announced that the out of school care locations may open again as of Monday April 19th.

We’re allowed to start again!
We’re so happy! We can’t wait to welcome all the children back. Of course, we’ll make sure to pay extra attention to the children settling back in. Especially if they haven’t been to the out of school care in a while.

In the coming weeks, we’ve organised all sorts of fun (corona proof) activities. We’ll definitely turn it into a party together!

Practical information
Now we’re going to be open again, we have to stick to certain measures every day. How that works exactly is custom work per location. Parents are informed about this by their own location.

Compensation government
With the out of school care locations opening back up again, there’s also more information about the date of the reimbursement by the government. For parents who receive childcare benefit, the SVB said they will reimburse at the beginning of June. You don’t have to do anything to arrange this. The compensation will be calculated based on the details known to the Belastingdienst/Toeslagen. Parents who aren’t entitled to childcare benefit, are expected to be able to request their reimbursement somewhere mid-May. Of course, we’ll send you more information as soon as they release more details.


News – February 4, 2021

In the press conference of February 2, the government announced that daycares/day nurseries, toddler playgroups and primary schools will reopen as of February 8. After school care (bso) will remain closed until at least March 1, except for emergency care.


Daycare/day nursery and toddler care
As of Monday 8 February, the children will be allowed to attend daycare/day nursery or toddler playgroup at their regular days and times. Of course the current guidelines remain, such as extra hygiene measures, keeping distance and wearing a face mask. Just as in May 2020, staff will pay extra attention to the process of the children settling back in.

Self-isolation for corona infection within the care group
There is new quarantine advice for daycares/day nurseries and toddler playgroups. If a child or member of staff tests positive for COVID-19, the entire group will have to self-isolate. On the fifth day, everyone will get tested. Children and staff who test negatively and have no symptoms, are allowed to come back to childcare. If a parent chooses not to have a child tested, the usual quarantine period of 10 days applies. If there is a COVID-19 case in the group, the GGD (Municipal Health Services) will contact you when doing their contact tracing. They will give you advice. Of course, you will always be informed by the location in case of a corona infection.

Out of school care remains closed
Out of school care (bso) will remain closed until March 1. Of course, children are still welcome for emergency care. If you would like to read more about why bsos remain closed, please have a look at the government website.

Compensation agreement
Because daycares and toddler care groups are opening again completely, the compensation arrangements for these types of childcare will stop. The arrangement for out of school care stays in place.

We look forward to welcoming the children at our daycares and toddler groups! We hope all children at our out of school care locations will follow soon.


News – January 14, 2021

Unfortunately, the government has announced that childcare will remain closed until at least February 7. We’re really sad about having to miss most of the children even longer. We can also imagine that it’s not easy for you, having to combine the care for your children at home with work, if you’re not able to currently use childcare.

Emergency care will, of course, stay open for customers, if at least one parent is an essential worker. We will also remain open for ‘vulnerable children’.


News – December 15, 2020

Yesterday evening it became clear that the cabinet is implementing far-reaching measures to reduce the spread of the coronavirus. First of all, we wish you a lot of strength with regard to the impact these measures have on you. We are there for you where we can and may.

The reality for most of you, however, is that we are not allowed to receive your children by tomorrowmorning – Wednesday December 16, up until January 17 – which we find very unfortunate.

For whom will our childcare remain open?
Our childcare remains open to children of whom at least one of the parents has a vital profession (Dutch) and for children for whom customization is required due to special problems for difficult home situations.

In that case, your child can attend on the days and hours that you normally also purchase childcare. Do you want to register for this or do you need more childcare? Then contact the Unit Manager of your location. We will keep as many locations open as possible to provide an environment that is as safe and trusted as possible. We may merge locations for out-of-schoolcare. If this is the case, you will be informed about this by your own location.

If your child is in primary school and needs emergency care during regular school hours, please contact your child’s primary school.

Is our childcare safe?
Yes, our childcare is relatively safe. Childcare is not being closed due to a high number of infections, but to limit the number of travel movements. At 2Samen we take all precautions very seriously. In case of positive test results, we always inform you and follow the advice of the Area Health Authority.

Will I be compensated for the hours that my child is not allowed to go to childcare?
Yes, parents who continue to pay their bills in full will be compensated. Parents without the right to childcare allowance, will be compensated too. You will receive more information about this at a later time.

We hope that this letter has answered your main questions. Detailed information can be found on the website of the government.


News – October 14, 2020

In the press conference of October 13th, the government announced stricter measures to push back the Coronavirus. Luckily, childcare providers remain open. However, the number of contact moments and travel movements are heavily restricted and there is a strong advice (and this will probably soon become mandatory) to wear face masks in public inside spaces and public transport, from the age of 13.

Short moments of contact

We will continue to keep the moments of contact between adults as short as possible. Bring or pick up your child alone. Children will be welcomed outside the group space as much as possible. The information transfer when bringing or picking up your child is limited. Of course, you may always contact us by phone or the parent portal.

Face masks

Additionally, we strongly request that you wear a face mask if you come into the childcare centre and to keep to the other precautions we have taken. We also ask this of other external visitors, such as suppliers, colleagues from our head office and our coaches.

When working with children, wearing a face mask is advised against by parties such as the sector associations, the ministry and BOinK, the organisation which champions parents’ rights. Therefore, our pedagogical staff will not wear a face mask while working with the children. However, they will wear a face mask when they are together in the staff room or in other places where they can’t keep 1,5 metres of distance between them and other adults.

In order to make sure our childcare centres can remain open as safely and well as possible, it could be that your location implements additional measures. For example, this might happen after talking to the Health Services (GGD). Of course, you will be informed about this. We will keep you updated as much as we can.

We ask for your understanding and your cooperation. We can only defeat the Coronavirus by working together.

You can read reports about the Coronavirus from 20 May 2020 and earlier here.

We are in close contact with the GGD and follow their advice to prevent further spreading of the virus. If you have further questions, please consult the RIVM website or call the national information number 0800-1351.