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14 October 2020

Update Coronavirus

In the press conference of October 13th, the government announced stricter measures to push back the Coronavirus. Luckily, childcare providers remain open. However, the number of contact moments and travel movements are heavily restricted and there is a strong advice (and this will probably soon become mandatory) to wear face masks in public inside spaces and public transport, from the age of 13.

Short moments of contact

We will continue to keep the moments of contact between adults as short as possible. Bring or pick up your child alone. Children will be welcomed outside the group space as much as possible. The information transfer when bringing or picking up your child is limited. Of course, you may always contact us by phone or the parent portal.

Face masks

Additionally, we strongly request that you wear a face mask if you come into the childcare centre and to keep to the other precautions we have taken. We also ask this of other external visitors, such as suppliers, colleagues from our head office and our coaches.

When working with children, wearing a face mask is advised against by parties such as the sector associations, the ministry and BOinK, the organisation which champions parents’ rights. Therefore, our pedagogical staff will not wear a face mask while working with the children. However, they will wear a face mask when they are together in the staff room or in other places where they can’t keep 1,5 metres of distance between them and other adults.

In order to make sure our childcare centres can remain open as safely and well as possible, it could be that your location implements additional measures. For example, this might happen after talking to the Health Services (GGD). Of course, you will be informed about this. We will keep you updated as much as we can.

We ask for your understanding and your cooperation. We can only defeat the Coronavirus by working together.

You can read reports about the Coronavirus from 20 May 2020 and earlier here.

We are in close contact with the GGD and follow their advice to prevent further spreading of the virus. If you have further questions, please consult the RIVM website or call the national information number 0800-1351.