The summer of 2Samen

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The summer of 2Samen

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11 August 2022

The summer of 2Samen

The sun is shining, the temperature is rising and the children are off school: it's summer! For many children, the summer holidays are the perfect time to go outside, discover nature and play all day long. Not going to school for a while, how cool is that? 2Samen has been working a long time towards putting together a spectacular program for the children in the holidays. Curious about what activities are taking place? Keep an eye on this blog for news updates and photos!

Food truck festival

Preparations are in full swing at 2Normen, 2Pirates, 2Corporals and 2Vikings! These locations will organize a joint Foodtruck festival with and for the children next week. Stalls are painted with all kinds of colors and pictures of dishes. We are already getting hungry! Speaking of food: the children of 2Normen and 2Pirates already prepared a delicious dish. Healthy tapas and nachos, muy bueno!

Bricks Challenge

Making the most beautiful buildings with Lego bricks that can also move? The children of 2Rendieren and 2Karpers did that during the Bricks Challenge. While building, the children learn the basics of mathematics and science. In addition, the Bricks Challenge stimulates problem solving and creative thinking. Sounds boring? It was not! By putting the parts together properly and using the correct battery level, the Lego bricks came to life. During the Challenge, several amusement park attractions were built, such as a moving carousel and a roller coaster.

Summer Camp 2022

Last week the time had finally come: 2Samen went to summer camp with a hundred children! The camp is the highlight of the year for many children, especially if they do not go on holiday themselves. This year’s theme was ‘Travel with you’. We took the kids on a trip to the tropics, the highest mountain peaks and of course the campsite. The camp staff were dressed as camping guests, cruise tourists or winter sports enthusiasts. Upon arrival, the children registered at the ‘travel agency’ and that’s how the adventure began!

There was plenty to do in the camp grounds; from club hockey to making fire and from sitting volleyball to archery. How we enjoyed it! This year the children could choose to only participate in the games during the day, or to stay overnight in a tent. The latter was very exciting! The night game, a museum robbery, created even more excitement and sensation. Who will manage to bypass the security and steal the precious museum pieces?

In the morning there was time for a good breakfast and because of the high temperatures the water games were set up immediately. This allowed the children to cool off in the water between games. Of course the camp staff also used the water slide. It certainly helped in the tropical summer weather! During the day, the children were given time to prepare something for the evening program; a TikTok dance, a song or, for example, a play. We saw the most creative performances. There was no shortage of talent!

Unfortunately, the camp ended on Friday afternoon. Luckily there is a second week of camp in August. In any case, we look back on a great week, and are already looking forward to the next one!