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Only through cooperation can we achieve what we want social childcare is really about. A beautiful time for all children, parents and employees at 2Samen. But above all: equal opportunities for every child in the Netherlands. We are happy to join forces for this.

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Industry association

With the Trade Association for Social Childcare (BMK) and all its members are committed to quality childcare and equal starting opportunities for all children.


Collective Child Development

We shape it with DAK Children's Centers Collective Child Development. Two separate organizations with an overarching board. By cooperating with each other and within the district, we can achieve much more for equal (development) opportunities for children.

Logo collective child development

Competitive thinking does not fit with childcare if you really put the interests of the child first.

– Zoë Kwint (director 2Samen)


Our most important partners are organizations that work around children. Education is number one. We have been providing childcare for many schools in The Hague, Naaldwijk and Monster for many years.

But we do much more than that. Childcare and education are growing closer and are increasingly using each other's expertise. Through collaboration we strengthen the continuous development lines and the broad talent development of children. Every year, our employees work more than 4000 hours within the statutory education time (in 2022 and rising).

Together with our educational colleagues, we also organize study days, summer parties, presentations, work together against poverty and work for equal development opportunities.


Integrated child centers

Childcare and education work together during and after school to provide optimal development opportunities for children. An integrated child center (ICC) is the most far-reaching form of cooperation between education and childcare, but other partnerships are also possible.

Combination jobs

We increasingly offer combination jobs in childcare and education. For example, with the Associate Degree Pedagogical Educational Professional (AD-PEP) training, our employees receive a qualification that allows them to become a pedagogical coach or teacher assistant.

Collaborations in the neighborhood

At 2Samen we proudly work with hundreds of great organizations. This page gives an impression of that.


As a partner of the Nijkamphoeve neighborhood farm, we are very close to home. It is our outdoor location in the middle of the city! We organize all kinds of workshops, meetings and natural activities. We even have our own sheep. Our children also enjoy walking with the donkeys. We believe that preserving places where experiencing nature is central is extremely important for children in an urban environment. That is why we also contribute financially.


Every child has talent. Also the more than 600.000 Dutch children who grow up in an environment with high unemployment and few role models.

2Samen believes it is important that every child deserves equal opportunities. That is why we joined JINC. Together we fight for a society in which your background does not determine your future: a Netherlands in which every child gets opportunities.

All of The Hague Reads

As a social childcare center, we are committed to combating low literacy. The 'All of The Hague Reads' initiative is aimed at getting all of The Hague to read and promoting equality of opportunity. This is important because some neighborhoods in The Hague have up to 50% low literacy. 2Samen is one of the founders of this initiative. Among other things, we built the website for this reading offensive. We still have an active role.


At 2Samen we find it very important that our pedagogical professionals are valued, heard and seen. That is why we have a partnership with professional association PPINK. Together we draw attention to the content and value of our profession!

Realization Ukraine school

At 2Samen we want to be there for as many children as possible. We could not watch from the sidelines when a large flow of Ukrainian war refugees arrived in the Netherlands. In four weeks we created a nice place with care and education for approximately 70 children. We did this together with De Vuurvlinder (Lucas Onderwijs), toddler learning place 't Vlindertje (JongLeren) and of course with thanks to the cooperation of the municipality of The Hague.

Luk Dewulf (Choosing Talent)

At 2Samen we train our employees to become children's talent whisperers. We have been assisted for many years by Luc Dewulf and Els Pronk (Choosing talent). Our colleagues from education and parents also like to participate in these days.

A children's talent whisperer helps people to identify their talents and to consciously deal with the pitfalls that come with them. This way we look behind behavior and see the best in each other. 'We see you' is not without reason the core of what we are pedagogical policy .

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