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Pedagogical policy

Our Pedagogical House is the summary of our extensive pedagogical policy. It gives direction to everything we do at 2Samen: how we deal with children, how we decorate our spaces and how we work together.



One of the most important basic needs of every person is to be seen. It is not without reason that 'We see you' is the starting point of our pedagogical policy. A child is what it is, and we give it the space to do so. Respect for everyone's individuality is central to everything we do. That makes a child feel at home at 2Samen. From this safe base we help children to develop. Step by step into the wide world. We offer children a good foundation for the future.

Our basic attitude

'We see you' is not only about seeing children and their parents, but also our employees and partners. 'Seeing' the other is therefore our basic attitude: a way of how we look at each other and interact with each other. We believe this is a prerequisite for offering good childcare, really being there for children, parents, partners and for our employees.


Pedagogical House Childcare 2Samen

For a beautiful time

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    We see you!
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    We trust
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    We enrich
  • children in climbing frame at out-of-school care 2flamingo's in Needle District
    We connect
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Of course we really want to get to know all the children. Who they are and what suits them. Together we discover what they like or interesting and what gives them energy. We call this talent. We help children to develop further by joining in with this.

A positive look

A positive outlook is essential in our work. For example, you can experience a child who goes off on everything as pressure. But perhaps it is mainly curious. We appreciate who children are. We give as much space as possible for your own input. We look behind behavior to find out what children need. We adapt our actions accordingly.

Together with parents

Parents know their child well. By working together and coordinating well, we can provide better care. In close consultation we discover what works best for your child. As professionals, we also have knowledge that we can use to support you as a parent.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many pedagogical employees work in a group?

    This often differs per location, type of reception and per group. It depends on the number of children and the age ratios within the group. The GGD has drawn up fixed guidelines for this, which we apply.

Frequently Asked Questions

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