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About Childcare 2Samen

For 80 years we have been committed to the enjoyment and development opportunities of children and the world where they grow up. 2Samen is now the largest professional childcare in the region. We provide daycare, toddler care, preschool education and after-school care for more than 6000 children at approximately 70 locations.

Each location has its own character. For example, we have locations in the middle of the city, near the dunes, along large sports fields or with our own petting zoo. One is an expert in Montessori, the other an expert in experiencing nature with their own vegetable garden and greenhouse. But while our locations excel in individuality and small scale, they also have a lot in common. A characteristic 2Samen appearance, a good pedagogical policy and the same 2Samen quality.


We immerse ourselves passionately in the world of the child every day, we promote development in a way that suits the world and interests. Moreover, we pay attention to the society and world where children grow up. Now and later!

“We offer children a good foundation for their future. The children's world = our world.”

– Mission Childcare 2Samen

Our promise to children

Our vision is formulated as a promise to children. This is how we clearly show what we are all about:

We see you!

We really want to get to know you. You can let us know what you need in all kinds of ways. We are open to that and we agree. We do this with a positive outlook and by looking behind behavior.

In a rich, safe and loving environment we challenge you to discover the world through play. In your way and at your own pace. Together we will look for what you like and find interesting and what gives you energy. This way you always learn new things and discover your talents.

Learning from and with each other often comes naturally to us. Because you practice a lot with the other children. We are committed to one beautiful time; now and later. We do this together with your parents, school and all the people around you who are important for your future. Together we are responsible for you and the world in which you grow up.

The Organisation

2Samen Childcare Foundation is a social childcare.


As director, Zoë Kwint- Elkerbout is in charge of the day-to-day management. She sits on a collegial board within the Collective Child Development, of which 2Samen is part. In this umbrella organization, DAK children's centers and 2Samen work on equal starting opportunities for every child.

Photo: Zoë Kwint (middle) signs the collaboration agreement to provide childcare for children with additional (medical) care needs. Left: Malou Jonker, director of Kombino. Right: Nikie van den Berge, director of Basalt.

Zoë Kwint director of 2Samen (middle) signs the collaboration agreement with Malou Jonker director Kombino (left). Right Nikie van den Berge driver Basalt

Together with parents

Together with our parents we work on the very best childcare. We are happy to discuss everything you and your child need with you. We also regularly hold one satisfaction survey.

Our locations each have a parent committee that helps decide on the ins and outs of the childcare center. Maybe this is something for you! In addition, there is a central customer council that represents your interests.

More information

Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board supervises the board and consists of:

  • mr. Ferdinand Strijthagen (chairman)
  • Ferdinand Strijthagen
  • Martine Abercrombie
  • Marieke van der Plas
  • Eric Boerhout
  • Heleen Griffioen
  • Robin Schluter


The head office of 2Samen is located at Alexanderveld 5 in The Hague. Approximately 70 employees work in various departments: Pedagogy & Quality, Finance & Control, Planning & Advice, Marketing & Communication, Personnel & Organization, ICT, Facilities and KICKS.

If you have any questions for a department, please contact:

  • Regional managers: Margo Gankema and Danielle Vooijs
  • Manager Customer Relations, Marketing & Communications: Yolande Michiels van Kessenich
  • Manager HR, Pedagogy & Quality: Sandra de Leeuw
  • Business manager: Leonie van der Zanden-Veth

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Do you choose our childcare?

  • We continuously invest in quality
  • We only have qualified employees who continue to develop
  • We offer a range of activities with music, (toddler) dance and outings
  • Our range of after-school care activities is the most extensive in the region
  • The out-of-school care summer camp is great every year
  • You can count on all-in rates
  • We pay attention to sustainability