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Together with you

We continuously work on improving our services. Your opinion and advice are very important to us. You know better than anyone what is important to your child.




Consultation with pedagogical staff

You can always discuss what your child needs. And of course also about your specific wishes as a parent. The Pedagogical Staff and Location Coordinator will be happy to assist you.

Do you want to do more? Then consider participating in the Parent Committee (OC) or central Customer Council.

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Parents' committee

Each 2Samen location has its own parent committee. Do you like to think about the policy and activities at your child's location? Then the parent committee (oc) is a good idea! You also represent the other parents in the childcare center and have access to information from the Customer Council.

Customer council

As a member of the Customer Council, you maintain direct contact with the board of 2Samen on topics that affect the entire organization. This gives you a say in almost all facets of our services.

We are always looking for involved parents to strengthen the Customer Council. Interest? Then register via customerraad@2samen.nl.

Satisfied parents

We periodically survey the satisfaction of our customers.

In our (independent) customer satisfaction survey (KTO), our parents give their child's care an average of 8,1.

Customer satisfaction survey results

Can it be better?

Of course, it can happen that something makes you less happy at times. All your tips are welcome. You can pass this on at your location or use it contact form.. We would also like to hear from you if you have a complaint. Our childcare can only improve from this.


Are you unable to reach an agreement in consultation with our employees, or is your complaint such that you would rather not discuss it with the management at the location? Then view our complaints procedure. You can submit a complaint using the complaints form.

Complaints procedure

Complaint form