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9 December 2021

New recruitment campaign live

There are over 170 (!) diplomas that qualify for working in out of school care. Many people still think that working in childcare is just about changing nappies and giving bottles. But at our out of school care locations, you can really use your talents! You can play sports all afternoon, build an art workshop, program robots, cook or wander through the dunes. In our campaign, we use pictures of our activities, employees and children.


We’re campaigning in all sorts of different ways. For example, we’ve asked our colleagues to take posters and hang them up at, for example, their sports club or music school. They will also be hung up at all sorts of places in the city. We’re advertising through social media, and next year we will even have a special 2Samen tram travelling through the region.


Who are we looking for?

At 2Samen, we’re looking for pedagogical staff who want a new challenge, entrepreneurs wanting some extra security, 3rd year hbo-students who would like to have some flexible working hours… a lot is possible! It is, however, important that our staff speaks Dutch.

And what can be more fun than making sure children have the time of their lives, by doing what you love doing? For more information about working with your talents, please have a look at (in Dutch).