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Great guests for the National Reading to Children Days 2020!

National Reading Days

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23 January 2020

National Reading to Children Days 2020

The National Reading to Children Days were, once again, a great success for our toddlers. For the traditional 'Reading to Breakfast' we received several prominent readers. Together, we pay attention to the importance of reading to children in order to stimulate their (linguistic) development. Below, we highlight several of our wonderful guests!

State Secretary Van Ark (Social Affairs and Employment)
“My day could not have started any better”, said State Secretary Van Ark (Social Affairs and Employment). This morning, she read to toddlers at childcare centre 2Sprong in The Hague. The children were excited by the story of the ‘Moppereend’ (‘Grumpy Duck’) that the State Secretary read to them.
(Pictures: Daniëlla van Bergen)

Alderman Parbhudayal (Care, Youth and Healthcare – The Hague)
At 2Span, there was also a special guest to read from the picture book ‘Moppereend’. Alderman Kavita Parbhudayal read to the children, who hung on her every word. They liked it so much, that they also wanted to read the book ‘The Yellow Balloon’ with her afterwards. Luckily, she was up for that as well!

Zoë visiting 2Matrozen
Children of 2Matrozen also enjoyed the story about ‘Moppereend’ on Wednesday morning. Zoë, director of Kinderopvang 2Samen, visited there to read to the excited group of toddlers of this location. For the occasion, the team decorated a cosy and festive space to read in, with a special chair. A great start to the ‘Reading to Children Days’ that will be celebarated until the 2nd of February.

Grumpy ducks in Moppereendjes in the Children’s Book Museum
Being read to makes you more fun. For the start of the National Reading to Days 2020, the Children’s Book Museum also held a special breakfast. Toddlers from 2Koala’s and 2Ontdekkers visibly enjoyed the story of ‘Moppereend’, read to them by the ‘Story Lady’ of the museum. A few of the children acted the story, dressed in little duck suits. Suddenly, the new exposition ‘The stubborn children of Annie’ was filled with little grumpy ducks.

The Children’s Book Museum and Kinderopvang 2Samen have organised a reading breakfast for the past few years. Together, we would like to draw attention to the importance of reading to children, in order to stimulate their (linguistic) development. Every year, famous Dutch people are invited to read to the children. Previously, celebrities such as Her Royal Highness Princess Laurentien, Erik van Muiswinkel, Spike from the band DI-RECT and Bart Chabot read at the museum.
(Pictures: Eveline van Egdom)

The National Reading to Days have the goal to promote reading to children who are not yet able to read themselves. Reading to them is good for their fantasy, develops the linguistic development and the children really enjoy it. Kinderopvang 2Samen things linguistic development is very important. This is why we focus on reading to children often at our childcare centres.