children have a wonderful time at childcare 2Samen in Monster

A beautiful time!
at Childcare 2Samen

A beautiful time. You look back on that, you experience it now or you look forward to it. It is a period that stays with you, because beautiful friendships are created. Or because you push boundaries, put your shoulders to the wheel together and gain new experiences. A time that shapes you, strengthens your character and lets you be who you are.


It is high time for…

We give back the money we earn. We invest everything in fun, attention and development. Of course, as sustainable as possible. This includes well-trained staff and familiar faces, but also housing and healthy food. We work with partners who have the same drive to pass on the world in the best way. After all, it's all about your child. That's where the real profit lies.

So let's get started together quickly. It's high time for a good time!


A beautiful time …

... is to be seen

A good time only arises if your child is given attention. That is why we really get to know each child. We let children discover who they are. That is the best way to grow and develop. To do this, we delve into the world of the child ourselves.

… for everyone

We would like to be there for all children and their parents or caregivers. We have branches in as many different neighborhoods as possible. You are welcome at 2Samen. You feel that, it gives you confidence.

...create together

Of course, parenting is not always just 'a good time'. It's hard work, growing, making mistakes and learning. Fortunately, as a parent you don't have to do it alone. Your family, your neighborhood and the school all play a role in your child's development. 2Samen understands that and is close by as a partner in education.


... is a helping hand

We see it when your child grows and blossoms, but also when things don't go so well. Then we take significant extra steps. That means growing together when it is needed most. We help. We are also here for you as a parent. We're here to help you have a great time. colorful

Literally and figuratively. We are a colorful group full of energy. Our supervisors take up space. Own initiative is appreciated and ideas are welcome. The team is open. Everyone feels at home at 2Samen.

... is a red blush from playing

In short: a red blush from playing, daring more and more and wanting to go again tomorrow. That's what we do it for. Both you and your children can always count on our help.