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Social Childcare

As a social childcare facility, we do not have a profit motive. Revenues flow back into the organization. In this way, we continuously invest in healthy business operations with high quality. Think of: well-trained and satisfied employees, fresh and safe children's centers, beautiful outdoor areas, sufficient materials and an extensive range of development-oriented activities.


Social Childcare

We are affiliated with the Trade Association for Social Childcare (BMK). Together with other social childcare organizations, we work on the quality and innovation of our services. With one collective and powerful social voice to politics. For more information, visit the website our trade association.

Childcare in almost every neighborhood

We believe that every child has the right to childcare. That is why we can also be found in neighborhoods where childcare may not be profitable, but is desperately needed. At some locations we offer childcare for children who need extra (medical) care. In this way we offer as many children as possible a good start.

An eye for the world

We pay attention to society and the world where children grow up. We can regularly be found at events that contribute to the fun and development of children, we contribute to sustainability and we encourage a healthy lifestyle.

Medical daycare center at Kinderopvang 2Samen in The Hague
Drawing it takes a village to raise a child Childcare 2Samen

The role of social childcare

Childcare plays a crucial role in the development of children. The brain develops very quickly, especially in the first years of life. Our pedagogical staff has knowledge of this and responds to it.


We enjoy working with all kinds of people and organizations around the child and in the neighborhood. This is extra important when a child needs specific help or care. Collaboration with primary education is becoming increasingly intensive and is of great importance to provide a continuous line of development.

We also work together with the municipality, nursing homes, petting zoos and many other companies and institutions. Together we set up projects and organize events to increase children's opportunities and promote development and health.

Promote reading pleasure and opportunities

Childcare 2Samen is one of the founders of 'Heel Den Haag Leest'. Together with many partners, we are committed to promoting the pleasure of reading and combating the high percentage of people with low literacy. That is important, because as many as 24% of the residents of The Hague cannot read properly. In some neighborhoods this is up to 50%.

Good language skills are extremely important to make optimal use of opportunities in society. To ensure that parents who cannot read well can find childcare, we have created a special information folder. Everything is explained in simple language and step by step. We would also like to contribute to eliminating language deficiencies at a young age. Children benefit from this throughout their lives.

2Samen created the website All of The Hague Reads where you can find more information.


Children read at the mini library in the neighborhood

Childcare as a basic provision

Childcare can mean a lot to a child. We therefore believe that childcare, just like education, should become a basic provision and that every child can attend childcare for a number of half-days a week; regardless of whether parents work. To achieve this, we invest in powerful partnerships.

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