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How much does childcare cost?

The exact cost of childcare depends on your income and of course which type of childcare you choose. Below you will find our rate lists. In our calculation tool you can calculate what childcare costs in your situation.

Do you have questions? Please feel free to contact our Planning & Advice department. Our colleagues are happy to help you on your way!



Contribution to costs

As a parent, you do not have to pay the costs of childcare entirely yourself. The amount of compensation you receive depends on your situation and that of your child.

You will find gross amounts in our rate lists. The net amount you pay depends on your income, the associated cost compensation and the number of days you use childcare. Through our convenient calculation tool you can easily calculate the net cost of childcare at 2Samen in your situation.

All-in rates

We do not charge extra for activities, diapers, drinks, meals, organic fruit and transportation. Also our range of activities KICKS (such as sports, dance lessons, music lessons, excursions and summer camps) is included in the price. So easy!

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Our care packages

You can contact us for all kinds of care packages. We offer childcare packages of 52 weeks, 46 weeks and, in the BSO, 40 weeks of care per year. You purchase the smaller childcare packages for at least one year.

A useful rule of thumb when choosing a package: the lower your income, the more you benefit from a larger childcare package at a lower hourly price. We would be happy to explain this to you, please feel free to call!

Did you know …

… Childcare 2Samen is a non-profit foundation? For us, the benefit lies in equal (development) opportunities for every child. We strive to keep our rates as low as possible. We invest any returns directly in the quality of our services.

Want to know more?

Personal supervision

The Tax Authorities want to help parents as best as possible in arranging their childcare allowance. Could you use some extra help? Then send an email to planning@2samen.nlso that we can ensure that the Tax Authorities contact you.

Childcare allowance app

The Tax Authorities also have an app that allows you to view and change your allowance quickly and easily. The app can be found in the app stores under the name “Childcare Allowance”. More information about the app can be found on the website of the tax authorities.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions about the childcare allowance, please view this Frequently asked questions and answers. Is your question not included? Then look up toeslagen.nl.

Frequently asked questions about what childcare costs

  • Do I get a discount for a second or subsequent child?

    No, you will not receive a discount for a second or subsequent child. If you have a second child, you will receive proportionally more childcare allowance through the tax authorities.

  • Do BSO contracts include study days and/or holidays from school?

    This depends on the package you have chosen.

  • How is the monthly rate structured?

    At 2Samen you are billed the same amount every month, so you know exactly where you stand.

    We calculate the average number of childcare hours by adding all childcare hours in the calendar year and dividing by 12 months. For more details, please contact the Planning & Advice department.

  • Can I move my start date (free of charge)?

    We can move the start date (free of charge) by up to one month. If you want to move the commencement date further, you will unfortunately have to cancel the agreement first. Read more about the cancellation costs in our house rules. We will then put the application back into our system with the new desired start date. As soon as we make a new plan, we will look at the possibilities again.

  • If I pick up my child earlier or drop it off later, do I have to pay for fewer childcare hours?

    No, in the contract we make fixed agreements for the days and hours of care. The location and our colleagues are available for your child at those times. Delivering later or picking up earlier has no influence on the price you pay.

  • My extra day / exchange day has been approved. How is the payment made?

    If you have been able to exchange a day, you pay nothing extra. If you have requested an extra day and you no longer have any credit (depending on your care package), you will receive an extra invoice. You can also report these extra hours annually to the Tax Authorities in order to receive childcare allowance.

Frequently Asked Questions

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