garden at out-of-school care 2prinsjes in the center of The Hague

Customer satisfaction

We periodically conduct customer satisfaction surveys. Because happy children and satisfied parents are extremely important to us. On average, our customers give their child's care an 8,1.

1.427 respondents completed the survey. The results therefore provide a good and reliable picture of parental satisfaction with 2Samen.







We succeed in maintaining and improving quality, which is not always easy in the current market. Childcare is also under pressure in our region (The Hague and Westland) due to a major staff shortage. We are therefore pleased to see that more customers recommend us and that they give good appreciation for our efforts to employ as many permanent employees as possible. Respondents rate the presence of 'regular faces' on average with an 8,2. The extent to which their child feels comfortable with childcare scores an 8,4. The safety of the location is our highest priority and is rated 8,3.

final figures for customer satisfaction
figures for the presence of familiar faces in childcare

Contact with parents

Our employees maintain good contact with parents about the daily affairs of the childcare center. Parents feel free to raise issues (8,3) and at 2Samen they certainly feel that their comments and wishes are taken seriously (8,1). We also keep a close eye on the wishes of parents and discuss the policy in the parent committees of all locations and the umbrella Customer Council. The research shows that we can raise awareness of these organs (6,8). A third of respondents indicate that they are interested in parent evenings in which substantive themes are discussed.

Stimulate development

At 2Samen we invest a lot in the skills of staff to stimulate the development of children. For example, our employees receive extensive pedagogical coaching in the field of interaction skills. However, the customer satisfaction survey shows that we can better share information about their child's development with parents. A 7 is certainly not a bad rating, but given the attention we pay to this within our organization, this is an encouragement to continue working on this.

Almost all locations receive an 8+

Of course, differences are visible at location level. All 2Samen locations (daycare centers, toddler care and after-school care) score at least a sufficient score, with the majority receiving a grade between 8 and 10. We will work with the feedback at each location to further improve the quality of our childcare.