employee and children play a game at after-school care 2flamingo's in Needle District


Sibelius 1, 2671 VV Naaldwijk
District: Center

Phone: 06-13830454, 0174-820416

Opening hours:
After-school care until 18:00 PM
Before-school care from 07:30 am to 08:30 am
During holidays from 07:30 AM to 18:00 PM

Types of care at this location:



About after-school care 2Flamingo's

BSO 2Flamingo's is located in the center of Naaldwijk, in two rooms of the branch of the Ouverture Christian primary school. In our cozy center, children can play and discover in a safe environment. We have our own, playfully decorated garden with vegetable garden. We also regularly go out to the library, the park and the Prinsenbos. In addition to the Ouverture primary school, we work together with Montessori school Naaldwijk and SBO De Diamant.

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Special about BSO 2Flamingo's

Special areas for all ages

2Flamingo's has a stage for theater and dance. Children love to give free rein to their creativity and imagination with the materials from our studio cupboard. The small room is specially equipped for the 7+ children. There is a workshop where children can work with tools.

BSO activities

In addition to all the activities, the children can also follow workshops in sports, cooking, theater, music, painting, technology and much more. So there is something for every child!

Everyone feels at home

Children, parents and employees feel completely at home at our childcare. Our enclosed outdoor play area offers plenty of space for free play and challenging (sports) activities. We often participate in events in Westland. For example, we participate in the Sailing Corso.

Special workshops and holiday program

With 2Samen KICKS, children experience (afternoon) days full of fun and educational games, workshops, experiences and holiday programs such as survival and camp days. A varied and development-oriented program, for which you do not have to pay anything extra. Read more about KICKS.

Practical Information

All important information about after-school care 2Flamingo's at a glance

  • Childcare costs

    How much does childcare cost? That depends on your income and the type of childcare you choose. Check out our rate lists and use our convenient calculation tool, which allows you to easily calculate what childcare costs in your situation. You can also check whether you are entitled to childcare allowance.

  • Opening hours 2Flamingo's

    After-school care: tuntil 18:00 PM.

    Preschool care: vfrom 07:30 to 08:30.

    During holidays: vfrom 07:30 to 18:00.

  • Group division

    2Flamingo's has two after-school care groups: a group for younger children and a group for older children. The group size varies from 10 to 20 children.

  • Schedule a tour at 2Flamingo's in Naaldwijk

    We can imagine that you are curious about the rooms, the atmosphere and the pedagogical staff at the location. Feel free to drop by for an introduction and tour. We are happy to welcome you and take the time to answer all your questions.

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  • Inspection report and LRK number

    Pedagogical quality always comes first at 2Samen. All our employees work from us Pedagogical House. In this way, together we ensure that every child feels seen.

    LRK number: 461954357

    Inspection report

    read more about Childcare 2Samen.

A look inside the shelter

At this location:

  •         Natural garden and large playground
  •         7+ room with workshop
  •         Collaboration with WNTweb (Westland Nature and Technology)

A day at the BSO

What does an average day look like at the 2Samen BSO locations? You can see that here. Times and activities may of course vary!

  • child at out-of-school care 2speleon in Painterswijk The Hague
    07.30:XNUMX am – Before-school care

    If parents have to work early, we take care of the children before school. Wake up or play quietly and then go to school together. We bring the youngest children into the classroom.

  • Girl and employee at out-of-school care 2Zwanen in Ypenburg The Hague
    15:00 PM – Pick up

    School is out. We pick up the youngest children from class and the older children come to us independently on the square. Are we complete? Then we go to the out-of-school care!

  • girls eat a snack at after-school care 2flamingo's in westland
    15:15 PM – Snack

    We start together with a snack. Fresh fruit, vegetables, crackers or bread and something to drink. We chat with each other and discuss what we are going to do this afternoon.

  • children together 2Giraffen out-of-school care The Hague
    15:30 PM – Chill or play!

    Bso is free time. Children decide for themselves what they want to do, alone or with each other. Chilling with a book, playing outside, doing crafts, baking... We connect with what interests the children.

  • Children at out-of-school care 2Spelende Beren The Hague nature workshop
    15:45 PM – Activity

    A KICKS activity is planned today. Of course, children help decide: spraying graffiti, building Lego, climbing trees, theater lessons... plenty of challenges and experiences!

  • 2Burchten BSO The Hague boy and employee
    17:00 PM – End of day

    When picking up, we like to make time to talk to parents about the afternoon. If children are allowed to go home themselves, we would also like to stay in touch. We look forward to next time.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does childcare cost?

    You can find more information about childcare costs here.

  • Do you guarantee a place after my registration?

    We will do our utmost to find a place for you. But unfortunately we cannot guarantee that we will have a place available on your preferred days immediately from the desired start date.

  • Am I entitled to childcare allowance?

    For information about childcare allowance, click here. We would also like to refer you to the website of the Tax Authorities. Here you will always find the most recent data.

  • Do you have waiting lists?

    That depends on the location. At one location there is room immediately and there is no waiting list, at the other there is not. If you would like to know what this is like at your preferred location(s), please feel free to call us!

    At locations with a waiting list, we are dependent on cancellations or changes in planning. In addition, your desired start date, the number of days you want to take, your preferred days and any priority criterion play a role; for example, brothers and sisters have priority at 2Samen.

  • How can I reach my child's group?

    The Parent App contains the telephone number and email address of the location where you are a customer. You will find this information at the bottom under 'locations'.

  • Where can I find information about childcare allowance?

    All information about applying for or changing your childcare allowance, changes in your personal situation and any influence on your allowance can be found on the website of the tax authorities. You will of course also find information about this on our website, click here.

Frequently Asked Questions


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