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Childcare in Naaldwijk Center

For childcare in the center of Naaldwijk, your child is very welcome in the after-school care (BSO) of 2Samen.

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After-school care (BSO) in Naaldwijk Center

Our after-school care is centrally located in Naaldwijk, near the bus station 2Flamingos. Committed and professional pedagogical staff are available to help your child every day. 2Flamingo's is located in two rooms of the branch of the Christian primary school De Ouverture. In this cozy center your child can play and discover in a safe environment. We have our own playfully decorated garden with vegetable garden. The activities program KICKS offers extra variety, challenge and experiences. We also regularly go out to the library, the park and the Prinsenbos.

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Childcare in Naaldwijk Center

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