children watch PUK at daycare 2ballonnen in sample


Kloosterlaan 53, 2681 LD Monster
District: Center

Phone: 0174-281026

Opening hours:
Monday to Friday: 07:00 to 18:00 hours
Extended opening possible from 06:45 am

Types of care at this location:

Preschool Education  Daycare  BSO  

About Preschool Education at 2Ballonnen

There is a daycare center in the former Monastery Garden 2Ballonnen. It is a wonderfully quiet place, centrally located Monster. In addition to regular day care, we also offer Preschool Education here. 


A better start

With preschool education (VE) a child makes a better start in primary education and we tackle disadvantages. For example, by playfully learning Dutch words and practicing with numbers. Your child learns what it is like to function in a group and play and share together. At preschool we work a lot with themes with different activities in the same theme. Crafts, reading, songs and dances, for example. Read more about Preschool Education at 2Samen 


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Special about it 2Ballonnen

Preschool Education

Our great team of professional pedagogical staff pays a lot of attention to the development of speech and language, social-emotional development, motor development and sensory development. For example, we read a lot!

Own natural garden

The children can always play outside in our own beautiful natural garden. Just being able to run to burn off your energy is important. We have plenty of room for that. We also do many fun trips in the area. Just going to the beach or the supermarket: it's all possible.

VE program Uk & Puk

Puk is a friend of the children. They play, discover and move with Puk. This way your child develops in a playful way. Uk & Puk works with themes. The children are given information about each theme to take home, so that they become familiar with it at home. 

Challenge for every child

We offer sufficient challenge for all age groups. Young children participate in toddler dance, but also enjoy playing in the doll corner or with developmentally appropriate toys. We also often go outside, for example to play at the water table.

Practical Information

All important information about Preschool Education at 2Ballonnen on a row.

  • Childcare costs

    How much does childcare cost? That depends on your income and the type of childcare you choose. Check out our rate lists and use our convenient calculation tool, which allows you to easily calculate what childcare costs in your situation. You can also check whether you are entitled to childcare allowance.

  • Opening hours 2Ballonnen

    Monday to Friday
    From 07:00 to 18:00

  • Group division

    Daycare 2Ballonnen has a baby group, a toddler group and a vertical group. We also offer Preschool Education here. There are also two out-of-school care groups. 

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    We can imagine that you are curious about the rooms, the atmosphere and the pedagogical staff at the location. Feel free to drop by for an introduction and tour. We are happy to welcome you and take the time to answer all your questions.

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  • Inspection report and LRK number

    Pedagogical quality always comes first at 2Samen. All our employees work from us Pedagogical House. In this way, together we ensure that every child feels seen.

    LRK number: 208285593

    Inspection report

    read more about Childcare 2Samen.

A look inside the shelter

At this location:

  • Beautiful sustainable outdoor space
  • Central location
  • Own natural garden

A day of Preschool Education at the daycare center

What does an average day with Preschool Education look like at the 2Samen daycare centers? You can see that here. Times and activities may of course vary!

  • hug at toddler care 2acrobaten hague
    07.30:XNUMX am – Welcome

    Glad you're here! We discuss with the parents how things are going and whether there are any special concerns. Together we wave goodbye to mom or dad. Of course we help every child to land equally well.

  • Boy with PUK at preschool education in The Hague
    09.00:XNUMX am – Start together

    Getting started with the Uk & Puk theme Giants and Gnomes. Where it revolves around concepts such as big and small. Large and small clothes hang in the gnome house corner. But what belongs to whom?

  • children eat at daycare 2ballonnen in the westland
    09.30:XNUMX am – Have something to eat

    It's time for something tasty. A bottle or a fruit snack for the youngest children. We follow their own rhythm. We sit down together at the table with the toddlers for fruit or a cracker.

  • Children play outside at preschool The Hague
    10.00am – Play or activity

    We read a giant book together, make giant jumps outside, or play in the gnome house corner. We respond to what concerns the children. We can learn from everything!

  • having lunch at daycare 2hindes in The Hague
    11.30:XNUMX am – Lunch

    Time for lunch together! Children can choose for themselves. We ensure healthy and responsible investment. We encourage you to spread, pour and clean up yourself. Is your cup full or empty?

  • activity at daycare center 2hindes in Belgian Park The Hague
    13.00:XNUMX PM – Sleep or activity

    The youngest sleep all day according to their own schedule. We create a sleeping moment for the toddlers. Those who stay late play indoors or outdoors in our nicely furnished rooms.

  • fresh fruit toddler care The Hague
    15.00:XNUMX PM – Snack

    Just take a moment to eat something. A large piece of banana or a small tomato? A great moment to discover different flavors and textures and talk about them together.

  • watering flowers at daycare center in The Hague
    15.30am – Play or activity

    Play yourself in one of our beautiful corners or do something under supervision that you cannot yet do independently. Of course there is also time to cuddle; Fortunately, this is possible at any time!

  • Gardening in childcare
    17.00:18.00 PM – XNUMX:XNUMX PM – Pick up

    It's time to say goodbye again. We will tell your parents what we did today and how you experienced it. This way you can also talk about it together. Until next time!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does childcare cost?

    You can find more information about childcare costs here.

  • Do you guarantee a place after my registration?

    We will do our utmost to find a place for you. But unfortunately we cannot guarantee that we will have a place available on your preferred days immediately from the desired start date.

  • Am I entitled to childcare allowance?

    For information about childcare allowance, click here. We would also like to refer you to the website of the Tax Authorities. Here you will always find the most recent data.

  • Do you have waiting lists?

    That depends on the location. At one location there is room immediately and there is no waiting list, at the other there is not. If you would like to know what this is like at your preferred location(s), please feel free to call us!

    At locations with a waiting list, we are dependent on cancellations or changes in planning. In addition, your desired start date, the number of days you want to take, your preferred days and any priority criterion play a role; for example, brothers and sisters have priority at 2Samen.

  • How can I reach my child's group?

    The Parent App contains the telephone number and email address of the location where you are a customer. You will find this information at the bottom under 'locations'.

  • Where can I find information about childcare allowance?

    All information about applying for or changing your childcare allowance, changes in your personal situation and any influence on your allowance can be found on the website of the tax authorities. You will of course also find information about this on our website, click here.

Frequently Asked Questions


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