Free as a butterfly!


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9 July 2020

Kinderopvang 2Samen in ‘Vakantiepas’

All primary school children in The Hague received the ‘vakantiepas’/holiday passport ‘Vrijheid Blijheid’ (happy freedom), full of tips and ideas for holiday activities. And, just like in the May holidays, it includes a creative activity from Kinderopvang 2Samen!

Together with das Glück, we thought of a workshop for the first week of the Summer holidays (Monday 20th, Tuesday 21st and Thursday 22nd July) in ‘Pand Zuidwest’. At the workshop, children can reimagine their ideas about freedom into artwork. Freedom is so important! Something we were definitely able to experience in the past months.

To a summer full of butterflies for freedom!

Children can sign up for the workshop ‘Free as a butterfly!’, which connects to the theme of the vakantiepas. During this workshop, children will make all different shapes and types of butterflies out of paper. They will turn these into a beautiful free butterfly for at home! Additionally, every child will make a special butterfly for a large, cooperative art project. This will allow us to put together a flight of many butterflies.

Exhibition in the library

The butterflies will be exhibited together in the youth section of The Hague Central Library on Spui. They can be admired there starting the last week of the Summer holidays (August 24th) and the entire month of September.

Summer bag

We’re also happy to contribute to a social project of the MOOI foundation, which offers a summer bag to families in The Hague neighbourhoods of Escamp and Laak. For each summer bag, we’ve made a little ‘Free as a butterfly’ package for the children to make at home.

And, of course, all the children in the after school care centres of 2Samen will be able to make the butterflies as well. All locations will receive a package to get started.

You may find more information about the ‘Butterfly’ activity on the KICKS website (in Dutch), our activities department. There are also instructions and tips on there!