Anniversary 75 Years

Party at 2Samen!

Anniversary 75 Years

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18 October 2019

Kinderopvang 2Samen celebrates 75th birthday

2Samen has been around for 75 years. Of course, we don’t want such a special birthday to just go by. This is why all of our locations in The Hague and Westland are celebrating big this week. And in Dutch tradition: the birthday boy or girl provides treats! In our case with a specially created and published picture book for all groups, parents and employees.

In 1944, 2Samen opened its first location. A day nursery/daycare centre back then was simply considered a place to ‘store children’. Childcare was a type of charity which was necessary due to the consequences of the war. In the years after the war, childcare remained a charity for the poor.

“Much has changed in 75 years”, says Zoë Kwint, director of 2Samen. “Our childcare has grown to becoming a place where children develop themselves every day. Where they have fun and where they’re supported by well educated professionals. At 2Samen, this means almost 1000 enthusiastic men and women, who make sure that parents can leave their children safely and securely in their hands. We grew from 1 location to over 65. And from 2 children to almost 7500 children that enjoy themselves and discover the world around them every day.”

This week, there is just that extra little bit of party spirit. “It’s daycare’s birthday!” children call out enthusiastically. “And daycare is even older than grandma or granddad!” A great reason for the children put up bunting together, play games, decorate (and eat) all sorts of goodies, make music together and dance at a real disco party. The staff also celebrated at a big anniversary party in Duinrell last weekend. And lastly, relations such as the municipality and our partners in education were not forgotten. They were welcome for a festive and inspiring meeting in Madurodam yesterday. Zoë Kwint spoke about creating an environment where everyone feels at home and where we offer all children equal opportunities to develop. “Together, we will continue doing so!” Finally, anthropologist and journalist Joris Luyendijk spoke beautifully about diversity and equality.

It was a wonderful party week!

Jubileum 2Samen bestaat 75 jaar Taart op het hoofdkantoor Jubileum 2Samen bestaat 75 jaar Joirs Luijendijk gastspreker in Madurodam