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Discover many new things through play. Your child does this in our daycare center from baby age. He/she is very welcome for one or more full days. We offer a nice, safe and familiar place, where fun and development go together perfectly. No matter how small your child is.

We are available to you and your child(ren) every day at our daycare in The Hague, Monster and Naaldwijk.

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We take the time: for your child and for you

When your child goes to childcare for the first time, it can be a bit exciting. We understand that all too well. We therefore find it very important to get used to it slowly.

We also do not forget you, as a new father or mother. It is not easy to entrust your child to someone else. We therefore take the time to answer all your questions and keep you well informed. This way you can be sure that your child is in safe hands.

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We stimulate development

An important foundation for development is laid in the first year of life. For example in the areas of language, thinking and social skills. We actively respond to this from an early age.

At toddler age we continue this with enthusiasm and place more emphasis on growing independence.

We pay a lot of attention to nature, dance, movement and music at all ages. We also read aloud every day. To increase vocabulary, stimulate language development and increase reading pleasure. Daycare is therefore a good preparation for primary school and the rest of your child's life.

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When I pick up my daughter, she often shouts "No, I'm staying here! Don't come with me!". That's a tough pill to swallow sometimes :-).

– Father Noa (3)

We love being outside

With babies

Babies also love to get some fresh air often. That is not only healthy but above all very fun. There is much more to discover outside.

With toddlers

Under expert guidance, toddlers are given more and more space to explore and gain new experiences.

Natural playgrounds

Many locations have a natural garden or playground with natural elements. Specially equipped and safe enclosed outdoor areas where there is much to discover.

Well-trained employees

Our employees receive special training to guide the development of children as best as possible. We also employ pedagogues and pedagogical coaches who provide extra support if necessary.

Would you like to meet our baby or toddler care center without obligation?

Of course you want to see with your own eyes how and where your child will experience all kinds of big and small adventures. We find it very important to get to know the employees in detail and experience the atmosphere. Choosing childcare is largely about feeling good. You are very welcome!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does childcare cost?

    You can find more information about childcare costs here.

  • How are you getting used to the KDV?

    Getting used to things is nice and important for children and we give them plenty of space to do so. During the adjustment period they get to know the environment and the other children. It is also important that your child builds a relationship of trust with the pedagogical staff during this period. When your child dares to trust them and knows the environment and the other children, he or she will feel safe. To ensure that the feeling of safety and trust is indeed established during this period, we carefully build up the time your child spends with us. We believe close consultation with you is of great importance.

  • When will I hear if there is a place?

    This depends on the location, but usually three to six months before the desired start date. From that moment on, we check availability every two to three weeks when we make a new plan.

    If you don't hear anything, there is no place available for your child yet. Unfortunately, it is not feasible for us to keep all parents personally informed on an ongoing basis.

Frequently Asked Questions

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