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Unique Activities
KICKS department

Our KICKS department offers an extremely fun, extensive and development-oriented offering in our after-school care and daycare. With always new special workshops, games and experiences. These are included in our rates, so you never pay extra. Whatever adventures your child will soon experience.




KICKS activities

In the BSO

There is plenty to do in our after-school care. Games, workshops and complete holiday programs. Think of survival days, surfing, learning to play the drums, playing in a band with your friends, spraying graffiti, visiting a theater performance and our holiday camps.

for Babies and Toddlers

KICKS also has plenty of options for babies and toddlers, such as moving to music, interactive theater performances, toddler judo or yoga, experimenting with musical instruments and rhythm, experiencing nature or getting to know colors, shapes and textures.



In education

KICKS provides talent-oriented programs and development opportunities for children in education. During and after school.

Choose by yourself

After-school care time is free time, so children can choose what they want to do with us. Together with pedagogical staff, they determine what they want to experience, make or discover. It could be anything. Making music together, (learning to) play an instrument, survival, sports, camping, discovering nature, making art, programming robots or just exploring yourself.

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