Lots of fun!

Children of our after school care enjoyed many activities this summer.

Lots of fun!

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1 September 2020

Great summer for bso Kinderopvang 2Samen!

Despite the special circumstances, we've had a great summer. The children at our after school care locations (buitenschoolse opvang, bso) enjoyed fun activities in their own bso space, as well as venturing into nature! Our own activities department KICKS arranged many summer workshops!

In the first week of the Summer Holidays, 2Samen cooperated in organising an activity for the Holiday Pass (Vakantiepas), that’s given to primary school children in the region. The theme of this activity was ‘Free as a butterfly’. In Pand Zuidwest, an old shopping centre building, neighbourhood children could come together to fold and decorate their own paper butterfly.

Our after school care locations also received a package to fold these butterflies. Children designed their own unique butterfly in the theme of freedom, fitting with this year’s holiday pass theme.

A day of summer camp

In the second week of the Summer Holidays, 2Samen children could have a day of summer camp. They were taken on a ‘Safari day’. In this week with beautiful weather, children could participate in all sorts of games and activities. Such as searching for the Big Five, wrestling with a crocodile or eating ‘crocodile or panda poop’ for dinner.

Because of the warm weather, there were a lot of water games. In line with tradition, there was also a tummy slide! This year, there were smaller groups, extra attention to hygiene and no¬† overnight stay. Nevertheless, the children thought it was amazing and had a great time. We’re looking forward to next year!

Exploring nature

This summer, our children also went to explore nature. Of all the treasures they found, they made art, huts and other natural creations. What a great way to spend time outdoors!

And that wasn’t all …

Children at 2Samen were able to enjoy many other activities this summer. They went tree climbing, they researched owl pellets, shot bow and arrow, did a music parade, designed and built Lego robots, made their own mini puppet shows and much more!


Expo 2Samen butterflies in Central Library (Centrale Bibliotheek)

Now the Summer Holidays are at an end and the children have gone back to school, we turned all of our free butterflies from the first week, into one big flight. They’re currently exposed in the youth department of the Central Library (Centrale Bibliotheek) at Spui, and can be enjoyed there!
Children in the Central Library can make their own butterflies while there, and add to the flight.

Would you like to fold a butterfly or do something else fun with KICKS? Take a look at our inspiration page (in Dutch, but with many pictures)!

It really was a terrific summer!

A big thank you to everyone who was involved in making it so great.