Healthy childcare

We are officially 'Healthy Childcare'. We think this is important, because every child deserves a healthy start! For us, this goes much further than offering a healthy living environment. Together we work on (teaching) a healthy lifestyle for children and the expertise of employees. Our Healthy Childcare coaches are specifically trained for this.



Nutrition policy

2Samen is a pioneer in the field of a healthy nutrition policy that we have drawn up together with the Nutrition Center and an external dietician.


Health and exercise

We pay great attention to health and exercise at all ages. From daily walks to toddler dance, toddler judo, exercise floors and much more.

We also move a lot in after-school care! We have an extensive sports offering with which we offer children many opportunities to exercise in a playful way every day. In this way we lay the foundation for good motor, social, emotional and cognitive development. Our own sports teachers ensure that sport and exercise are a permanent part of our programming.

Exercise events

2Samen likes to contribute to events that contribute to health and exercise. That is why we sponsor, for example, the 'Kids Run' at local running events.


We not only like to contribute to the health of children in our care, but also to a healthy living environment. We create natural gardens and playgrounds with natural elements and seek connections to promote sustainability within and outside our organization.

Joint approach in the region

To increase health in the region, we are involved in various interventions by the municipality of The Hague and the GGD. For example, with the Hague Healthy Weight Approach and Healthy School Advisor.

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Nutrition policy

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