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Corona virus

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16 March 2020

Update Corona virus

Until April 6, 2Samen will only provide childcare for parents in so-called crucial professions to keep society running during the COVID-19 outbreak. This is an obligation from the Dutch government. Parents who play an indispensable function for one of these crucial professional groups can also appeal to our services. Our childcare is closed to everyone else.

We urge you not to bring children who have a cold, cough or have fever.

We will do our best to keep our quality as high as possible for people in crucial occupations and will follow up all advices from GGD Haaglanden, RIVM and the national government.

We ask for your understanding for this exceptional situation. More information (in Dutch):

News – March 13, 2020

Yesterday, March 12, at the press conference with Prime Minister Rutte, Minister Bruins and Jaap van Dissel, director of the RIVM, an adjusted advice was issued to combat the spread of the Corona virus.

We hereby inform you about the new measures that apply to all Dutch citizens.

The national government says the following: “Primary, secondary and secondary vocational (mbo) school and childcare will remain open: there are few infections. Moreover, children and young people do not form the group with the highest risks. Moreover, the social consequences of closing these schools are said to be significant and contribute little to limiting the spread. Children who have a cold, however, should stay at home.”

The complete overview of measures can be found here.

The above means that children and employees with a cold, cough, sore throat or fever should stay at home until they are better. If your child has one of these symptoms, we ask you to notify us of your child’s illness. Thanks to this measure, we can continue to provide childcare for all children who do not have any symptoms.

We are in close contact with the GGD (Municipal Health Service) and follow their advice to prevent further spreading of the virus. If you have further questions, please consult the RIVM
website or call the national information number 0800-1351.


News – March 12, 2020

March 10, the GGD Haaglanden confirmed that two employees of 2Samen have the Corona virus (COVID-19). According to the GGD the children did not run any risk. The parents of the locations concerned have been informed by us separately.

The employees involved were not working in a group of children. After being in contact with someone from a risk area, they – at their own initiative – stayed at home as a precaution when they were not feeling well. Due to their adequate action, the number of contacts with children and colleagues is limited. On the day that they still worked, they had no complaints and were not contagious according to the GGD. Fortunately, both employees are now recovering.

Children not a risk group
Children generally have little to no problems with the corona virus and do not form a special risk group. If your child(ren) have no health complaints, they can come to their childcare center. The GGD recommends taking the standard hygiene measures into account:

  • Wash hands regularly
  • Cough and sneeze in the inside of the elbow
  • Use paper tissues
  • Do not shake hands

When to contact a doctor?
It’s important to be alert to the symptoms, in particular if you (or a family member) have been in a risk area or have been in contact with an infected person. If you or a family member has fever (38 degrees or higher) and/or respiratory complaints such as coughing or tightness, contact your doctor immediately.

We are in close contact with the GGD and follow their advice to prevent further spreading of the virus. If you have further questions, please consult the RIVM website or call the national information number 0800-1351.