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The government has relaxed almost all of the corona measures. Most of them are no longer required. As of June 26th, almost all doors will be opened. Keeping 1.5 metres distance will remain the norm. Of course, we will have to remain careful and alert. We can do that by keeping to the basic measures (keep distance, wash hands, stay at home and test if experiencing symptoms).

Childcare centres accessible to everyone again

The contact restrictions are lifted. This means that parents and external visitors, such as suppliers, colleagues from our head office and our coaches, are allowed to enter the childcare centre under certain conditions. However, adults must keep a distance of 1.5 metres from each other. We would like to keep contact moments between adults as short as possible. Please help us in achieving this.

Face masks

The urgent advice for adults to wear a face mask in the childcare centre has been cancelled. The 1.5 metre rule is still applicable. The use of face masks remains mandatory for staff when taking children for outings by public transport.

In order to make sure our childcare centres can remain open as safely as possible, it could be that your location implements additional measures. For example, where the 1.5 metres can be difficult to maintain, wearing a face mask may still be necessary.

Self-isolation for corona infection within the care group

If a child or member of staff tests positive for COVID-19, the entire group* will have to self-isolate. On the fifth day, everyone will get tested. Children and staff who test negatively and have no symptoms, are allowed to come back to childcare. If a parent chooses not to have a child tested, the usual quarantine period of 10 days applies. If there is a COVID-19 case in the group, the GGD (Municipal Health Services) will contact when doing their contact tracing. They will give advice. Of course, you will always be informed by the location in case of a corona infection.

*) There is an exception in the self-isolation rules. Children, parents or employees who’ve had corona in the past 8 weeks (confirmed by the GGD) no longer have to stay at home if an infection occurs at a childcare centre.

Quarantine after travelling from an orange/red area

For adults, when quarantined after travelling from an orange/red area, they can take a test after 5 days. With a negative test result, they can be released from quarantine after the 5th day. This was previously 10 days.

corona poster EnglishCorona measures at childcare

At 2Samen, we take the precautionary measures very seriously. For the health of our staff, parents and children, we closely keep to the rules set by the RIVM and our own hygienic protocol while providing emergency childcare.

Are you or your child experiencing symptoms related to the coronavirus, such as a nose cold, coughing, a runny nose or a fever/shortness of breath? Then the RIVM guidelines count, for emergency care as well. Children up to 12 years old may attend childcare if they don’t experience symptoms or if they only have cold complaints without a fever or shortness of breath. If someone in the household has a fever or shortness of breath in addition to mild corona symptoms, everyone stays at home.

The BOinK (parents in childcare) decision tree enables locations and parents to decide whether or not a child is allowed to go to childcare: Decision tree BOinK

Financial compensation

Because all types of childcare are fully reopened, the compensation arrangements will stop.

The government will reimburse your own contribution – whether or not you receive childcare benefit – up to the maximum hourly rate that the government compensates with childcare benefit (namely € 8.46 per hour for day nursery/day care and € 7.27 for out of school care). In order to receive this reimbursement, it is important that you have continued paying your invoices.

We reimburse the part above the maximum hourly rate. For customers who used emergency care, we only compensate on days where you didn’t use the emergency care. You only pay for days on which your child attended emergency care. The government still reimburses the most part. For parents who receive childcare benefit, the SVB said they will reimburse at the beginning of June. You don’t have to do anything to arrange this. The compensation will be calculated based on the details known to the Belastingdienst/Toeslagen. Parents who aren’t entitled to childcare benefit, are expected to be able to request their reimbursement somewhere mid-May. Of course, inform parents as soon as they release more details.

Location tour

Would you like a tour of one of the locations and/or more information in this period? Please contact the particular childcare centre for the possibilities.

We hope we’ve managed to answer most of your questions on this page. You may find more extensive information about childcare and corona on the government website:

Of course, we’re keeping a close eye on any developments surrounding the coronavirus. We will always continue to follow the advice given by the GGD, the ministry and the RIVM. If there are developments for childcare and corona, we inform our parents by using our Parent Portal.


Edited: 29 June 2021