girl with PUK at preschool education in The Hague

Collective Child Development
DAK and 2Samen

Childcare 2Samen, together with DAK childcare centers, forms the Child Development Collective. By cooperating with each other and within the district, we can achieve much more for equal (development) opportunities for children. If social childcare organizations we think that is very important.





Collegial management

DAK and 2Samen have merged administratively. This means that both organizations have their own policy and manager. Both directors have formed a 'collegiate board' since 2024. Together they have final responsibility for Childcare 2Samen and DAK Children's Centers within the Child Development Collective. We also have a joint Supervisory Board.

Locally, we strengthen the position of social childcare in order to combat inequality of opportunity in the region, promote cooperation with education and other organizations and realize a comprehensive supply of high-quality childcare in every neighborhood.

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Together we can achieve more

Childcare in every neighborhood

Good and affordable childcare in every neighborhood; we think that is very important. Even if it does not cover the costs, but children really need it. Because every child deserves a good start, regardless of where you live or what your background is.

Together we stand stronger

As social childcare organizations, we are stronger together to achieve our objectives. This makes us a stronger partner for parties such as municipalities and school boards. We can also collaborate even better with regional partners.

Beyond competitive thinking

We no longer want to see other social childcare organizations as competitors. We want to work together more to be there for all children.

Better employers

Together we are even more attractive employers. Good employees are hard to find. There is a staff shortage throughout the sector. By working together we want to be and remain an attractive employer. So that employees want to stay with us and we can attract new colleagues.