Fun at preschool!

Children at preschool Squirrels have fun while learning about all sorts of important topics.

Fun at preschool!

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23 June 2020

Children of the world at preschool Squirrels

We have a few places available at preschool Squirrels, for the coming school year. A wonderful place where fun and learning are combined!

Learning about the world’s continents, planting flower seeds to save the bee or running around with friends in one of the nearby play areas: it’s all in a day’s work for the toddlers at preschool Squirrels in The Hague’s Archipel. Here, they learn about healthy eating, sustainable living and many other topics. All in such a playful manner that they’re sure: preschool is fun!

Learning about sustainability

One of the focal points of Squirrels is sustainability. Preschool teacher Dani explains: “For us, this is simply who we are. We separate waste, we try to reduce our use of plastic and we plant flowers that are good for the bee population. We also move a lot and eat healthily, including planting food such as cress for our sandwiches. Because we’re passionate about these matters, it’s easy to show the children a little more about how nature works.”

Best start to a life full of learning

The rest of the curriculum is taught in themes, such as ‘space’, ‘dinosaurs’, ‘seasons’, ‘around the world’ and ‘community helpers’. Children from all over the world learn to play and work together. Occasionally, they mix with 2Ruiters’ Dutch playgroup. Next to trips to local parks, museums and the petting zoo, there’s plenty of time for creativity, singing and dancing. Dani: “It’s really up to the children. If a child takes the initiative to build a dinosaur, we facilitate. By helping them choose the materials and making sure they can do their own thing.” Their goal is clear: “We want to give these children the absolute best start to a life full of learning.”

Spaces available

With the new school year coming up, there are still a few spaces available at Squirrels. Are you curious? Please feel free to have a look at, drop by or contact Squirrels for an appointment at or +31703607138.

Part of Kinderopvang 2Samen

Preschool Squirrels is located in childcare centre 2Ruiters on the Frederikstraat, part of not-for-profit childcare provider ‘Kinderopvang 2Samen’. 2Samen is the largest professional childcare provider in The Hague, with 75 years of experience and 65 centres in the city, Monster and Naaldwijk. 2Samen offers mostly Dutch language childcare, with an English website and information for your convenience. At preschool Squirrels and after school care 2Tom Pouce (for the lycée français), 2Samen also offers full English speaking childcare.